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Monthly Archives: September 2008

The Real Meaning of ‘Fiesta’

Is apparently stabbing all the dudes within your reach, all the while dancing the disco dance of death. God, I love Astoria.

Dudes I Might Possibly Have Dated Once: The Groundbreaking Social Study

So: while I am writing a long and terminally unwieldy piece which aims to set forth a postmodern theory of pornography (yes, I am doing this, may God have mercy on us all), it seems like a reasonable time to be catching up on books in the ever-growing and slightly bullshitty field of Masculinity Studies. […]

One Reason Why I Am Confident In Obama

During his opening statement at the debates last night, I involuntarily clasped my hands above my collarbone, like the love interest in a silent movie.  When Kerry spoke, in 2004, I just set my jaw. 

Do You Realize…

… that this means we are all probably descended from the Alien Overlords? When they come for us, we shall greet them as their loving children.

Things Michelle Tea Does Really Well: Long, Long Quotes Edition*

Item #1: Capturing The Thought Processes and Fantasy Lives of Adolescent Girls: “Smoking Marlboros with Marisol, we planned our escape to New York City. We would wait till we were sixteen and had tits and were pretty, because the only way we could think to make money was to pose for Playboy. It was such […]

The Tragedy Is That You Can’t Touch Her Boobs. Bourbon?

Here is a slightly Dworkin-y blog. But! I happened upon it today (thank you, Google Reader), and it did shed some light on a rather lovely conversation between Jim Beam and the (Australian) Ad Standards Bureau. It turns out that a lot of female types got all riled up and protested this ad: I guess […]

This Is One Situation In Which You Really Do Not Want To Lose Your Keys

From the London Times Via Feministing: Professor Derek Abbott and his team from the University of Adelaide in South Australia have invented the first remote control key fob that allows men to control a valve that can switch their sperm flow on and off as required. The size of half a rice grain, the “fertility […]

Revolutionary Road: My Heart Will Go On, Unlike Your Fetus

I had a discussion with someone, not so long ago, about The Awakening. I said that I couldn’t bring myself to engage with it, because it fit into a pattern that I had noticed in certain nineteenth-century novels – woman has sexual awakening, cheats on husband, dies – and that struck me as the manifestation […]

SCIENCE FACT: People Who Benefit From Privilege More Likely To Think Privilege Is Awesome

So: there is a study which states that men with “traditional” views on gender earn more than men with egalitarian views. Surprise! (By the way, I love the euphemistic use of “traditional” rather than “sexist.” Like, if I burned a woman to death because I thought she’d been blighting my crops with her menstrual blood, […]

Why They Hate Us, or: If Celebrities Were From the Midwest…

… ha, ha, they’d be fat! Oh, and poor. They probably wouldn’t have very good record collections, either. You’d be all like, “the new Silver Jews record really isn’t very good,” and they’d be like, “I don’t care, because our cultures are very different, yet in the upcoming election American adults from all walks of […]