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Good Things To Think About When You’re Bummed: All-Sarah Edition

1. Camille Paglia is still hilariously crazy.

On Sarah Palin’s speech patterns:

As a lover of poetry (my last book was about that), I savor every kind of experimentation with standard English — beginning with Shakespeare, who was the greatest improviser of them all at a time when there were no grammar rules.

Many others listening to Sarah Palin at her debate went into conniptions about what they assailed as her incoherence or incompetence. But I was never in doubt about what she intended at any given moment. On the contrary, I was admiring not only her always shapely and syncopated syllables but the innate structures of her discourse — which did seem to fly by in fragments at times but are plainly ready to be filled with deeper policy knowledge.

2. BUST is still hilariously clueless.

On Sarah Palin:

Just imagine for a moment that Palin was on our side. Imagine that she was pro-choice, pro-environment, and all the rest of it. Now how excited would you be that we had a woman running for the highest political office who could raise 5 kids and govern a state at the same time? Who was some sort of Annie Oakley, moose-wrestling frontierswoman? And who could give a speech like nobody’s business? I, for one, would be thrilled… She’s a mother, she’s pretty she wears skirts! All of that put me on her side.

3. Sarah Haskins is still (intentionally) hilarious.

Let’s ride the euphemism train to shit town!