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You Say I’m Crazy? I Got Your Crazy.

The new Britney Spears video is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen. I know, I know, “why did you watch it?!? why are you even talking about it?!?!” But I think that it is actually notably stupid, like, this is what the third wave would look like if we all got together and listened to Peaches all night and drank like twelve Sparks apiece and then instead of going out for ill-advised tattoos in the morning we all went shopping for wigs and lobotomies. Like, why do you keep straddling him if he’s such a douche? Why does your kitchen wallpaper have “Womanizer” all over it? Why are the eggs square??? OH MY GOD BRITNEY! WATCH THE ROAD! 

I kind of love the dude’s acting skills though. He is so clearly thinking, “this is a real step up from community theater! Next stop: Godspell!”