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McCain to America: LADIES, What is UP?

Hey, ladies, remember that dude who cussed you out last weekend? You know, the one who came up to you when you were talking with your friends at the bar or walking to the grocery store, aiming to bless you with his hideous presence – the one who, when you ignored him or laughed at him or told him to go away, started to yell at you and call you names? Yeah, that guy: the one who got you thinking about misogyny – how we’re all sweet cute sexy little girls when we do what men want us to do, and ugly rude bitches and cunts and whores when we don’t – and about entitlement, and about how a woman is always assumed to be fair game for every loser in the world unless she’s in the company of a man, but mostly about precisely how much trouble you’d get into if you gave that dude a well-deserved punch in the nuts? 

Well, good news! Turns out he was John McCain

McCain was not only a lousy student, he had his father’s taste for drink and a darkly misogynistic streak. The summer after his sophomore year, cruising with a friend near Arlington, McCain tried to pick up a pair of young women. When they laughed at him, he cursed them so vilely that he was hauled into court on a profanity charge.

 The surprise is that there’s no surprise. There’s a reason for not liking John McCain, and it is the same reason that you instinctively blew off that creepy dude: he has no use for you unless you’re on his dick, and it shows. What an ugly fucking cunt.