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How Can We Dismiss the Charge That Palin’s Critics Are Merely Sexist? I Know! We’ll Make a Blow-Up Doll!

Two ways to make sex jokes (or porn) about noted conservative figures: 

A) Recognize that the conservative viewpoint is fundamentally sex-phobic and therefore lame, and playfully situate the conservative in a context of super-louche uninhibited fun times, thereby demonstrating that sex is awesome and that the person in question is missing out. 
B) Embrace sex-phobia by conceiving of sex as dirty and shameful (particularly for women, who are pure because they are naturally averse to it), take that one step further by presenting sex as a process whereby men dirty women who’ve stepped out of line, and invite everyone to laugh at “that dumb bitch getting fucked,” thereby taking basically the same right-wing stance as the figure you’re claiming to parody, but branding that stance as “transgressive” and “progressive” because you show (gasp!) screwing. 
Now, I’m not saying anything conclusive, because I haven’t seen the movie in question, but that Sarah Palin porno? Is a Larry Flynt joint.