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Resolved: "Writing Every Day" Is an Approach That Has Some Weaknesses

Tonight, I fear, I am suffering from a condition known colloquially as “bitchface.” Here are some reasons: 

1) This morning, I hauled myself out of a very comfortable bed so that my Dread Landlord could install a thermostat.
2) The Dread Landlord told me, upon his arrival, that he had decided not to install the thermostat. He just wanted to drop by and say hello! WHY NOT PLACE A PHONE CALL, I ask you? 
3) One hour later, DL arrived again! It was time to install the thermostat! Could I possibly cancel my plans for the rest of the afternoon? This would take some time. 
3a) Upon successful installation, the DL informed me that he would be dropping by – yes, dropping by my bedroom – frequently for the next few weeks to make sure that I was keeping the rest of the house at an appropriate temperature. Yes, I am responsible for the temperature of the entire three-story house. Yes, I can use this to punish my obnoxious downstairs neighbor for his many crimes. No, it is not worth it. 
4) Because here were my plans for next Tuesday (on which I will not be working): shop at vintage stores, shop at yarn stores, shop at grocery stores, make soup/knit/look great. Here are my current plans for next Tuesday: wait for DL to show up, try to get him out of house quickly. 
5) Also, before I hauled myself out of the comfortable bed (I left before pancakes – pancakes!) I dreamt that Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan had hired me as their couples counselor. They were doing fine! They just needed some help keeping it romantic. Maybe I am bummed that this is not my actual career? 

Ladies! Does your love lack the “spice” that you require? Because, you know, I can help with that.