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Monthly Archives: October 2008

New Feature: Slightly Insane Media Studies

I am not smoking! Well: I’m not smoking much. This is very exciting, for several reasons, the chief of which is that I’ve spent the entire day straddling some sort of barbed-wire fence between panic and irritation. (That is what we call a metaphor, and it is one of many things that you cannot do […]


I’m currently familiarizing myself with the Blogger platform, and have come to realize that it provides no way to keep track of my blog’s unique hits. It does, however, have a “gadget” that can supply my blog with a new baby animal picture every day. A new baby animal picture every day! I think my […]

Drunk Transcription Services Presents: Virgins, Whores, and Retail

I gave a reading at the Knitting Factory last night. This is the first piece I read: written on the day of the reading, no doubt too rough to work outside of the reading, yet transcribed (post-several-drinks) so that you can feel you were there. To those of you who did not attend, or were […]