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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Little Women: There Will Be Germans. Oh, and Pap.

Let me preface this with a warning: there will be numerous spoilers for the plot to Little Women. SPOILER: there is no plot to Little Women. Not a plot in sight! The girls grow up, get married, have babies, and sometimes die. (SPOILER!) Then again, if you are a girl, you know this already. For […]

Lady Business Book Reports: Prolegomena

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Brooklyn, I got very drunk and ended up having a passionate discussion about Christopher Pike with someone I had just met. There were two dudes at the table, and one other lady. I don’t know what we had been discussing before – politics? – but I […]

The Fug of War

What is first female four-star general Ann E. Dunwoody wearing? Oh. I’m sorry. I thought that’s how we talked about it when women did things. ~This Blog Post Dedicated to the Endless Coverage of Michelle Obama’s Dress.~ ~Miss You, Coverage!~

Do You Know Why…

… this would be a good idea? Because you wouldn’t have to listen to me yelling about this business for the next four to eight years, that’s why. I know he’s probably not going to get it; still, the fact that he was even considered is gross. (“Dump our toxic waste in Africa, you say? […]

To Be Fair…

… I want to hug them both. Mostly because I’m convinced that one of them was me and I had this conversation while drunk and then forgot about it. And also, somehow, was disguised to look like a college student (ha, NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE, for I am withered).

Feast Ye Now Upon Your Condemnation. Served With a Hearty Red!

The Catholic Church has always had its problems: with the Ladies, the Gays, the People Who Use Birth Control, and the People Who Get Married More Than Once. (Hi, Mom!) They also have problems with the Left-Handed, by the way. Maybe this is not as much of a thing, but I recall being seven years […]

Profiles In Douchery: Dan Savage

So, yes! This is apparently becoming a blog about people who write shitty things. Shitty things which make it to the Internet, no less! Even as the economy collapses, the douche industry booms: Ian Sloane, Aaron P. Taylor, and Former Tenured Professor of Molecular Biology Alexander MacPherson have all made vital contributions to the field. […]

And This Is Why I Read Bitch

From “The Ambition Condition: Women, Writing, and the Problem of Success,” by Anna Clark: Perhaps you know about Emily Gould’s cover story, “Exposed,” in the New York Times Magazine last May. Even if you didn’t take in all 8,002 words on the former Gawker editor’s gains and losses from blogging about her personal life, it […]

Someday, I Will Be Brief Again. For Now, Here’s Prop 8.

I don’t know how to speak about Prop 8 yet. (Maybe I shouldn’t try? Ha, what are the chances of that?) It is not an unfamiliar thing to me, this vote, nor is the thinking behind it. If you want a really ugly look at the place where I grew up, check this out: A […]

POSTMANIA ’08 Continues With: Who Is More Unbearable?

Williamsburg hipsters? Or aging Williamsburg hipsters? I just don’t know any more: Hahaha, “START A POLITICAL THEATER GROUP! MARX, BRECHT APPALLED, LAUGH FROM THE HEAVENS.” Come to our house, young hipsters! We will explain why all your newfangled music and activism is so much less hip than our music and activism, which took place in […]