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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Busted, Part 2: The Real Goal of Political Change

Is shopping! At least, that’s what Bust tells me today, in their think piece on the Great Obama Dress Scandal of ’08: The modified version of the Narcisco Rodriguez’s dress was showing off her confidence in not being pigeonholed into wearing those lame-ass, boring suit-dresses. We still have ways to go, but I think it’s […]

For the Last Time, Ladies: He Just Wants to Study Your Proteins!

Ah, mandatory sexual harassment prevention training: is there anything more disastrous for one’s career? Probably not, says tenured professor of molecular biology Alexander MacPherson! In fact, it would be so disastrous for his career that he would rather lose his job than attend it: A molecular biologist at the University of California at Irvine faces […]

Let’s Hold Hands on the Internet – No, Not You, Aaron P. Taylor

So, one reason for my continuing frustration with Blogger (okay, WordPress is better – there, I said it!) is that Google Analytics does not reliably keep track of the sites that link to one’s blog. I would like to be able to thank (and link back to) the people who link to me. That is […]

Demographics, WOO

I know! I am crazy with the numbers lately! This is because I have no idea how statistics are compiled, and therefore see in numbers a certain reassuring purity that rhetoric cannot provide. I mean, I’m sure they are just as skewed as everything else, but I would prefer it if you did not tell […]

The Last Time I Will Ever Have This Argument

If there is one thing we, as a people, have learned from the election, it is this: women be shopping. Oh, and that conventionally attractive women are stupid sluts. Oh, and also that competent, intelligent women who do not apologize for speaking in an authoritative manner are ugly bitches who should shut the fuck up […]

Upon Learning that Michael Crichton Died…

… reasonable people everywhere were faced with one important question: will it be possible to clone him and turn him into a theme park exhibit? What? Too soon?

What It Looks Like

So, yes, I burst into tears last night, but now I want to tell you why. A few days ago I wrote this: Most people do not belong to the (incredibly small) demographic of white, straight, middle-class men at which most “mainstream” media is targeted; most of us will, at least once per day, be […]

Vote Yes on Michelle Obama

Happy Voting Day! How was your experience? No matter how good it was, it can’t compare to the experience that these folks had:  That is because they have the Most Amazing Marriage of All Time.  I will be honest with you: I’ve liked Barack Obama since 2004. After his speech at the DNC that year, I, […]

I Hath Some Fury: Criticism and the Boy’s Club

One thing you can do, if you are bored, is to read the AV Club article entitled “Hell hath no fury: 22 films about vengeful women.” While you are reading it, you might want to count the implications of and synonyms for sexist dog-whistles such as “irrational,” “overreaction,” “crazy,” and “selfish.” It turns out there […]

Behold Ye Now the Merrye Comedie of Aaron P. Taylor & his Men

CHORUS: Two households, unalike in dignityIn Tiger Beatdown, where we lay our sceneFrom ancient grudge break to new mutiny;Dude’s based his whole damn world view on his peen. SOME POSTER (hereinafter named “Mercdouchio”): Wow! you really twisted his words around… Don’t forget that the dancing woman started this. She approached HIM and had the audacity […]