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SCIENCE FACT: People Who Say "I’m Not Racist or Anything" Totally Racist!

Yes, it’s true: some people who claim not to be racist also tend to not do anything or get upset at all when they witness obvious acts of racism! Finally, a SCIENCE FACT that explains why people read Vice magazine (endorsed by Colt 45: “It’s Ironic that You Drink It, Because in Your Mind You Associate It with Black and Poor People, which You’re Not!”)*

Now, onto the real mystery: what on earth have I been doing to cause this to show up as a contextual Google link in my WORK E-MAIL?

*Yes, I know, this is “Poop on Vice Week,” and it’s getting tired. What can I say? As a time traveler from the early part of this decade, during which some people actually read Vice, I care about these things.