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I am going to go on the record here: I never, ever want to get on E.J. Graff’s bad side. I do, however, want to get on her good side – the side that involves going out for drinks and braiding each others’ hair and potentially joining some kind of bowling league. Between this and her magnificent takedown of Susannah Breslin’s “sexual harassment is bad, but maybe not so bad that we should take it seriously, or discuss it, or make any steps to change it, because I have some vague argument about Things Being Bad For Everyone” post a few weeks ago, I have come to believe that she is, in fact, the correspondent on Slate’s XX ladyblog most likely to actually know her stuff when it comes to lady issues. Which, given Slate’s commitment to bringing the “everyone knows this is bad; what my article presupposes is… maybe it ISN’T?” slant into the bold new world of girl stuff, is thoroughly refreshing. 
Me! Liking things! That have been published! It happens, from time to time.