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UPDATE: Zombie Schlafly Eats President’s Brain

Has Obama already renounced his Feminist Superdude status? Because he is allegedly “begging” Henry Waxman to strip extended birth control coverage from the economic stimulus package. Now, I imagine he has reasons for this – because, you know, birth control is a vital health need, especially for poor women, and unplanned pregnancies and children increase poverty, being all expensive and whatnot, and most women who abort pregnancies do so because they feel unable to shoulder the costs of pregnancy and/or motherhood, so reducing the cost of access to contraception, or just plain making it more accessible, would actually help with that “reducing the number of abortions” thing Obama keeps talking about, so it would be totally insane if he didn’t, you know, HAVE REASONS – but I have no idea what they are.

Do you, Phyllis?

… PHYLLIS? Oh, God, Phyllis, why won’t you answer me?

Why are you smiling? Oh, God, you know something, don’t you, Phyllis?

… Oh, God, you’ve done it, haven’t you? You’ve finally done it. You’ve gotten to him somehow, infected him, turned him into… no. No. It’s too horrible. I won’t say it.