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Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Pernicious Effect of Bobby Jindal Upon the State of Louisiana: A Photo Essay

FASCISTS. [New Orleans, February 2009][Via Elizabeth.]

George F. Will Disapproves of What You Put in Your Mouth. And Has Suggestions!

Here is a quiz for you: can you find the glaring omission in George Will’s recent essay about shifting attitudes towards food and sex? HINT: it involves the sexism! Imagine… a 30-year-old Betty in 1958, and her 30-year-old granddaughter Jennifer today. Betty’s kitchen is replete with things — red meat, dairy products, refined sugars, etc. […]

The Week in T-Shirts

Good afternoon! It is time to talk about humor. Are you familiar with this concept? Probably not, if you are a woman and/or feminist, since we all lack it; however, I have done extensive scientific research on the topic, and am here to tell you about this strange and inexplicable male practice. “Humor,” I have […]

GREAT MOMENTS IN PERSPECTIVE: Bob Kerrey, Dude With Problems

Here is an interesting fact for you: I attended the New School. Interested? Good! Allow me to develop this fascinating statement further: I attended the New School from 2002 through 2006, during which time it has seen several massive student and/or faculty protests due to one Bob Kerrey, who became its President in 2001. Also […]

From the Depths of Hell, I Stab Atcha

And now? Sarah Palin is literally looking to kill some white whales. Awesome. 

Sexist Beatdown: Biceps of Change Edition

Good morning! Or, afternoon! It depends on your time zone, maybe! Anyway! I have news for you: did you know that Michelle Obama is the First Lady? And also, on the cover of Vogue? And also, has nice arms? Oh, wait, you totally knew that. Well, good news: Amanda “Deltoids” Hess of The Sexist and […]


Why, hello, seven hundred and ninety new visitors and, like, twenty new subscribers that I assume are coming from that one link on Shakesville! How are you? When I found out about you, I pretty much pooped my pants! It was that exciting, seven hundred and ninety new visitors. Also, scary. Here is the conversation […]

CHICKS VERSUS DUDES: The Se7en People You Meet In Hell

Breaking news from the Vatican: there is “no sexual equality” in Hell! So saith the UK Times (“Sex discrimination is destined to continue in the scorching fires of Hell, according to a study” – I defy you to find me a better lead), quoting an article by the Pope’s personal theologian, the curiously named Monsignor […]

SCIENCE FACT: Douchebags Treat Girls Like Crap, Do Not Care

Hey, remember when I was really into SCIENCE? SCIENCE! It teaches us things! Well, it’s back, my friends, with some extra special groundbreaking knowledge that you could never, not ever, not in your wildest dreams, have figured out already: Men are more likely to think of women as objects if they have looked at sexy […]


Ladies, gentlemen: Saul Bellow + Philip Roth = Think about it, won’t you?