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Awwww, he wrote a little defense of himself. Here, I shall translate:

I’m totally pro-choice! I don’t believe abortion should be illegal. My friends think it should be illegal, though. Also, if you think it should be illegal, that’s cool. Kudos for flooding that one dude with e-mails about how he must STOP THE PLAGUE OF SURROGATE ABORTIONS, even though there weren’t any, because it turns out I don’t research my columns. Ha ha, sorry, y’all!

Also, although I totally support abortions, if you get one, it turns out that you’re a bad stupid slut who should be ashamed of yourself. THAT’S A BABY IN THERE, DARN IT!

In conclusion… um, Science?

Thank you, thank you. And now, for SEO purposes and future Saletan self-Googling: Saletan Saletan Saletan. Saletan, Saletan; Saletan. Saletan, William Saletan. Saletan, Saletan Saletan, Saletan: he blows.