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Tiger Beatdown: Observing & Reporting FAIL

OK, so it doesn’t make sense to have nine zillion Observe & Report posts, because I would actually like to talk about other things, and also because whenever I talk about this I become supremely pissy. Therefore, updates are being consistently made at the first post, when I find them, and you can look at them if you want. OR, you could look at something else! Which is what I plan to do, starting… yeah, starting now.

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  1. emylie_bo_bemylie wrote:

    As fucked up as the article you showcase here is, the New York Times one is even worse. They don’t even think that it is rape.

    “In another scene he forces himself on a makeup-counter saleswoman (Anna Faris) after a date of heavy drinking and drug use. (Before the scene is over she indicates that she had given her consent.)”

    Thank you so much for these posts! And the quote from your first “Observe and Report” post that Melissa showed at Shakesville is especially compelling.

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 5:03 pm | Permalink