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Monthly Archives: April 2009

What Is Going On In This House? Or, In Defense of Laura Palmer

I was halfway through watching the Twin Peaks again when it occurred to me to wonder why I like it. One of the things that happens when you write about art you consider bad is that you start to encounter other folks’ defensiveness about their own taste: they like it, so it can’t be bad, […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Your Body Is Blooming Like a Spring Flower, So Don’t Punch Anyone In The Face With It Edition

Hello! I do not know if you are aware of this, but today is Friday! This means it is time for another edition of Sexist Beatdown, starring the charismatic Amanda Hess of Washington City Paper’s The Sexist, and co-starring the slightly less charismatic Me of Tiger Beatdown. This week: OMG! Boys! To be more specific, […]

Can YOU Identify Men? Esquire Will Help!

You know, I fancy myself quite the expert on men. Rarely do I confuse men with other bipedal creatures, such as birds, kangaroos, velociraptors, or Michelangelo’s “David.” No, I am chock full of man-related knowledge: so expert am I, in fact, that I can typically identify a man (or a humanoid non-man, also sometimes known […]

TIGER BEATDOWN FOR TEENZ Presents: Super Fun Awesome Skateboarding R-Rated Fun Sexy Xtreme Facts About Dating! I REPEAT, FOR TEENZ.

You know, it’s hard to say why this New York Times article irritates me. Granted, a large part of the problem may be that everything irritates me. However, this is special! It is about educating teenage boys about sex and “courtesy,” and it is also about all of those folks who think we should be […]

Like a Fish Needs a… Something.

Ladies! Not finding much to laugh at lately? Don’t worry: it is not your fault, but the fault of your addled, feeble lady-brain! Yes, ladies, SCIENCE has come through for us once more by proving conclusively that humor – like sex, beer, rational thought, and monster trucks – is essentially male. A Scientist (one Sam […]

Observe & Report: On Real Rape

I don’t talk about rape very often. Granted, if you read this blog – or if you specifically started reading this blog in the last few weeks, which I get the sense that a lot of people have – you might get the sense that I talk about it all the time, like I am […]

Women: You Can Pay Them For Sex Now! THE NY TIMES REPORTS

Seriously, haven’t we done this already? Like, a lot? And recently? Not enough, apparently, and not at sufficient length: for, lo and behold, the New York Times (“all the news that’s fit to print – as long as it contains scandalous vagina usage!”) has seen fit to publish a seven-page article about some new website […]

A Very Special Edition of Sexist Beatdown

… one in which the lovely Amanda Hess of the Sexist and I actually use the same headline! Well, as the number of anonymous “DARN RADICAL FEMINISTS ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE RAPING” troll comments in my moderation queue informs me, it is Rape as Entertainment Week here at Tiger Beatdown! Thus, Amanda Hess and I […]

Six Things I Have Learned From Eminem

So, I used to spend a lot of time arguing about Eminem. It was a very high-school/early-college experience: I wasn’t quite clear on my pro-lady politics at the time, and wasn’t that great at identifying sexism, but somewhere between “Guilty Conscience” (the song about raping and/or killing women in general) and “Kill You” (the song […]

Tiger Beatdown: Observing & Reporting FAIL

OK, so it doesn’t make sense to have nine zillion Observe & Report posts, because I would actually like to talk about other things, and also because whenever I talk about this I become supremely pissy. Therefore, updates are being consistently made at the first post, when I find them, and you can look at […]