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Monthly Archives: April 2009

In Russia, MAN Comes On YOU! It Is Pretty Much That Way Everywhere, Actually; Don’t Know Why I Got So Emphatic.

Good morning! Did you know that America is DESCENDING INTO SOCIALISM? I know, right? AHHHHHH. Anyway, while we are all building forts out of Ayn Rand books and planning our noble retreat from society, it behooves us to consider the following: who, once America’s shining beacon of capitalism has been put out at last, will […]


Hello! Welcome to Dour Amish Lady Who Hates Movies and All Other Forms of Entertainment Movie Time! No, not really. You are not welcome to that at all. I have just been writing a lot recently about things that I think are really damaging and subtle and stupid and bad. I do plan to remedy […]

Sexist Beatdown: Man-Boner-Gratifying Edition

Ah, Sexist Beatdown: it just gets sexier by the week, people! This week it got particularly sexy, after I read a sexy article by Sexist Beatdown co-conspirator and The Sexist blogger Amanda Hess in which she sexily explained why the phrase “sex-positive feminist” is so annoying, and I, although a sexy sex-positive feminist for lo […]

King of the Dorks, Rapist No. 1, or: Have I Mentioned I Also Dislike Tarantino?

Oh! My goodness! So much talking about movies! I have been doing this all week, in case you haven’t noticed, my main points being: (1) When you only write women as bitches (bad), sluts (bad), or personality-free plot points who reward the hero with sex or love for zero reason (good), it kind of means […]