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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Perfect Disguise: Isaac Brock, Samantha Shapiro, and the Ethics of Journalism In Rape Culture

Okay, SO, you will probably not be getting a Rosemary’s Baby review today. This is because I am having trouble getting my hands on the film Rosemary’s Baby! The reason for this is pretty simple: Roman Polanski, the director of Rosemary’s Baby, raped somebody. And I have a little game that I like to play, […]

Ms. 45: Scum Manifesto

So, apparently it is possible to make a decent rape-revenge movie. Or about half of one, anyway.  You guys! I did not intend for this to be such a rape-scene-heavy feature! My plan was to cull the vast field of potential candidates down to a few movies that represented different lady-based fears. It went as […]


Outraged, I tell you! And do you want to know why? Because people (specifically, the people who write the show Entourage, which – what?) are calling him misogynist! And it is TERRIBLE. Also, they seem to have noticed that he is a lot more regular-looking than basically any of the ladies who play his girlfriends […]

Teeth: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Say, you know what you probably shouldn’t put in your movie? COMIC RAPE SCENES! “Oh, but Sady,” you are saying, “I am a highly respected Artist of the Cinema! I like to Push the Envelope with my Cinematic Art! And the rape envelope is the one I wish to push more than any other! For […]

Tiger Beatdown Sells Out (Again!): Technical Difficulties Edition

Well, hello there! It appears that it is time to address a few things about this site! First, you may have noticed some unlovely glitches happening around the old Tiger Beatdown: fonts being formatted in a weird and distracting manner, comments being eaten, etc. This is happening for a reason. The reason is that Blogspot […]

Ginger Snaps: Women Who Run With The Wolves*

“Something’s wrong with you. I mean, more than you being just female.” So: when I was young, maybe fourteen or fifteen years old, my favorite thing to do was to get my lady friends together for an overnight party and watch three or four horror movies in a row. I could never watch horror movies […]

Sexist Beatdown: Love Means Never Having To Say "I’m Sorry I Impregnated You While You Were Drugged And I Thought You Were A Prostitute" Edition

Well, friends, it is (for me, anyway) a fine summer afternoon. I assume many of you are eating sandwiches, thinking about your weekends, planning your strategies for getting out of work early, and what have you. That means it is time for a little light entertainment. Such as A CHAT ABOUT RAPE FANTASIES. Yes, RAPE […]


Uh-oh, you guys. The sexy teens are at it again!*  I know about this, you see, because I read the Internet. Specifically, I know about it because I read Tracy Clark-Flory’s piece over at Broadsheet (which was written up by Miranda at Women’s Glib in a post that was cross-posted at Feministe and also quoted […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I Actually Liked Something! And It Was "Humpday!"

Yes, it’s true: I, a person who gets cranky on a more or less continual basis, often at movies, saw a movie that did not make me cranky at all. That movie was “Humpday,” and probably you cannot see it because it is only playing in two theaters in the entire world right now. However! […]

Sexist Beatdown: Not Gonna Milk Passin’ That Ball The Fish Slime Also Sarah Palin Resignation For Ya There Edition

Friends: when is the right time to mourn the passing of something great? When, if that thing is specifically Sarah Palin’s political career, vital as it is to the Extremely Lazy Comedy Industry? Do we discuss it the day of its death? The day after? When whatever insane dirt caused this passing (LATE-TERM MOOSE ABORTIONS) […]