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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Tales of Performative Gender PRESENTS: Humpday

So: I took this morning’s post down! Whoops. In my defense, it was pretty dumb. Also, I consider it my responsibility, as a person who writes blog posts, to give the people what they want! Strangely, no one ever e-mails me to request poorly thought-out and pretentious ramblings about a book I am not finished […]

Geeks Do Not Have Pedigrees, Or Perfect Punk Rock Resumes: In Which I Spring to the Defense of Diablo Cody

You guys? I think I really like the “Jennifer’s Body” trailer. I mean it! I am excited for the upcoming feature film “Jennifer’s Body!”¬†Which is by DIABLO CODY! Now: I am not a cool person. I know some people who are cool! And one of the things that the cool people enjoy, apparently, is talking […]

AND NOW, A GUEST POST: Fuck Your Fascist Body Standards (And Also Face-Devouring Bread Mold, Because That’s Just Scary)

Friends, there is a new tradition arising at Tiger Beatdown: the tradition of me, Sady, haranguing one of my favorite commenters until she finally agrees to do a guest post. Today’s guest post comes from Chelsea! She comments as ChelseaWantsOut, and also sometimes as Chex. All other information pertaining to her life is mysterious; this […]

Shut Up, Cunt! The Cultural Logic Of 97th-Wave Feminist Band Millionaires

Ladies: I have bad news for you. Feminism is over. No! I am serious! Feminism – that is, the belief that women deserve full autonomy, full participation in the public sphere, and the right to make their own choices – is totally dead. No sane person can believe in it now. Why is that, you […]

Sexist Beatdown: The True Meaning Of Sex Edition

Greetings, fellow adult humans! Do you know what “sex” is? I have news for you: no, you totally don’t! At least, not if you are an American. There have been studies, and they tell us that none of us actually knows what the word denotes! “Sex,” therefore, should be legitimately impossible to use in a […]