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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Sandra. SANDRA BULLOCK. I am talking to you, young lady! We need to have some words. This is a poster for a movie in which you play a deranged, man-hungry crazypants who stalks a man that she believes to be her “true love.” After ONE DATE. I have seen the trailer for this movie! As […]

I Will Not Say That This Is The BEST Post Melissa McEwan Has Ever Done

Because there are five years of excellent posts from which to choose! It is not an easy assessment to make! This one, however, might be my favorite.

Dr Sady Solves Your Problems! With Long Personal Anecdotes!

Oh! My goodness! Someone seeks relationship advice from the inimitable Dr. Sady! And Dr. Sady is, in fact, me!  I wanted to ask you: have you found that your political views cause ruptures in older friendships? In the last month or so I’ve managed to piss off at least three close friends of mine with […]


EXTERIOR: QUEENS: NIGHT SADY, a person with poor apartment-choosing skills, calls her landlord. Her GENTLEMAN ASSOCIATE attends. SADY (on phone): Hi, this is Sady? We have a problem. The lock on the apartment door is broken. My boyfriend and I went out for groceries, and now we can’t get in. We could really use your […]

Lord of The FAILS: A Few Notes on William Golding

Ah, the Slate family of publications. Here I sit, sifting the Internet’s vast riches, wondering if I will find anything interestingly offensive (as opposed to “boringly offensive,” of which the Internet offers a great deal) today. And you are always there for me. With your many criminally silly headlines! Such as this one, on lady-Slate […]

Monday Morning Mad Men Man Madness!

Why, hello! And welcome to New Tiger Beatdown! The post titles, as you can see, are stellar. But: Mad Men began its third season last night. It began its third season, specifically, with a trip into the wacky carnival ride that is Don Draper’s subconscious, in that he was all squinting pensively and flashing back […]

And Now, A Domestic Interlude: On The Importance of Print Media

Welcome to Sady’s Gentleman Associate Theater! This is a feature in which we discover that Sady and her gentleman associate have been living in the same apartment in the same terrible section of Queens with the same lack of air conditioning for about three months now and have settled into that phase of the Living […]

Sexist Beatdown: Revenge of the Nerds’ Girlfriends Edition

Why, hello! Welcome to Friday! Friday, in case you have not noticed, is Sexist Beatdown day. It is also the end of my blogcation! But what, you ask, could be so troublesome as to lure me from my blogcation paradise? (I read two books! I went to a concert! I learned to bake! It was […]

Where In The World Is Tiger Beatdown?

Tiger Beatdown is on a vacation! Or, “blogcation.” Or, no, “vacation,” actually. What does this mean for you? It means that I will be summering in exotic Queens and trying to figure out some basic junk about how to move the site over to a different location, etc. But not posting things on the blog […]

Hip To Be Square: Part Two In a No-Doubt Ongoing Series

Say, does anyone remember when the trailer for The Hangover was released a few months ago? All the pop culture trailer reviewers were like, “oh my, this looks like the best!” Okay, yes. So, does anyone remember when the trailer for I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell was released last week? All the pop […]