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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Today, In Unsubstantiated Rumors: Lady Gaga’s Ladybits

So, we all know about my weird thing with Lady GaGa right? Like, basically I think she is an undercover performance artist attempting to decode the whole “sexy pop star” thing and its implications re: gender and sexuality and also sort of taking the piss with the whole sexy pop star thing whilst wearing corsets […]

And Amanda Hess Is Out Of Town This Week: ROISSY Makes It Big

Friends: let us go back in time. A time when I also fought with people about my blog! Or, to be more precise, a time when I fought with a person about my blog. That person was my gentleman caller, and he was basically the only person who read it, and the fight was about […]

META-POST: Do I Really Want To Hurt You? Do I Really Want To Make You Cry?

You know: it’s been a weird week. A week in which I have been required to defend my murderously insensitive stances on a variety of topics, including Zooey Deschanel, divorce, and dead kittens. And, following the advice of some close personal friends, all of whom are probably sick of having conversations that begin with me […]

Annals of Fashion, or: Your Raging Narcissism Will Destroy Us All

Oh, Google Alerts. Whatever would I do without you? Live a life less full of outrage and yelling, most likely. However! Had I not Alerts from the Google, I would never see headlines like the following. And I think we can all agree that would be a loss: Crisis pushes men to therapy, women to […]

What’s Your Tucker Max Personality Type?

Hey, you know what I love? Quizzes! Like the ones you get on the Facebook from your former co-workers and such. What’s Your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type? What Kind Of Kisser Are You? If You Were A Sandwich, Would You Have Mustard On You? Love those things! Which is why I never do them and have […]

Mommy’s All Right, Daddy’s All Right: Or, Why "Hipster Racism" Was Invented By Your Drunk Grandpa

You know what I love? Comments. I love them! Thanks to comments, and thanks specifically to a comment by favorite person Snobographer (SNOBOGRAPHERRRRRR), I finally think I may have pinned down what bothers me about “ironic” racism and sexism and what have you. Here is what bothers me about “ironic” racism and sexism and what […]

The Continuance of Sexism and Racism In Our Enlightened Post-Feminist, Post-Racial Era, Featuring More Grabbing

So! I have this problem with hipsters sometimes. I try not to share it, because I can be kind of mean (SHOCKER), and I know some folks who have been tagged with the “hipster” label. And that is fine if you are not too invested in it. But here is this argument I keep having, […]

The Continuance Of Sexism In Our Enlightened Post-Feminist Era, Featuring Synonyms for Breasts

It’s weird, right? Because the second wave accomplished all its goals, and then feminism died in the ’90s because Camille Paglia killed it, and now we can all stop bitching and enjoy our totally level playing field because sexism doesn’t exist and if it does it is subtle and insignificant and not a real problem […]

News Flash: Christina Hendricks Is An Articulate Person. And Has Jugs.

I am on the record as someone who watches Mad Men compulsively. I am also on the record as someone who does not get the crazy fetishization of Joan and/or Christina Hendricks. In fact, I am annoyed by it, mostly because the public discussion around Joan tends to take one of three forms: (1) OMG […]

How Not To Be Called A Racist: Several Easy Pointers From Sally Quinn

You know what? God bless The Awl. I do not have the patience to read the entire Internet (I just have a Google alert set up for words like “sexism!” And the phrase “more women than men,” because typically when that phrase shows up it is gonna be good) but they do, and they find […]