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Monthly Archives: December 2009

STATE OF THE FEMINISM: Time for a Rebranding, Ladies!

Hey, you guys! It is almost a new year! A new DECADE, even. That is a big deal, right? And, as we approach our bright and shining future, it’s time for us to engage in some serious thoughts. Thoughts about Feminism! Where has it been, where is it going, at what point do we just […]

“Things I Missed Over the Holidays” PRESENTS! The Complex and Sophisticated Politics of James Cameron

Oh, hey, guys: who noticed this headline? Going Na’vi: Why Avatar‘s politics are more revolutionary than its images I did! I noticed this headline! And to it, let me just say: hahahahaha. Hahahaha, haha, HAHAHAHA. Ha; ha ha! Pause; I must catch my breath, with all this hilarity going on. Oh, how droll you are, […]

The Continuance of Sexism In Our Enlightened Post-Feminist Era: Snow Storm Edition

SCENE 1: EXTERIOR. APARTMENT STOOP. DAY. [SADY, exiting the apartment and descending its several perilous steps for cigarettes, encounters her LANDLORD shoveling out the walk.] SADY: Just so you know, I salted the steps last night, but it’s come down hard since then, so you might want to give them another going-over. LANDLORD: Okay. SCENE […]

Sexist Beatdown: Liar Liar Balls on Fire Edition

Ah, Sexism. It is a continuing force for ill in our society today! Most recently, all the ladies and dudes who care about Sexism were shocked and moved by the story of one James Chartrand, a lady who adopted a man’s name for her writing and was instantly hired more often, paid more money, complimented […]

Broadsheet’s Woman/Person/Unbelievable Cartoon-Looking Death-Heel-Wearer of the Year

Yes, everyone picked Gaga. And so did I! For, although my responsible side says Hillary, my soul cries out that it wants your love and it wants your revenge. And so does yours. Admit it.

And Now I Am Your Women’s Studies Professor: The Tiger Beatdown Book List

Say! You know what happened to me last night? I got an e-mail! It was from someone named Lily (hi, Lily!) who reads the blog. And she had a very reasonable request, which was: can you, Sady, provide me with a list of books to read? Books that have seriously informed you, or that are […]


Do you hear that sound, ladies? The indescribably gentle sound of Canadian acoustic guitars on the breeze? Strum, strum, strum… it is the music of the heart! And, perhaps more specifically, the music of Lilith Fair, which has unveiled its new line-up. Which looks exactly like its old line-up, actually, and will make you feel […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I Am All Over The Internet. You, Apparently, Are Not.

So! A while back, I was having a conversation with a friend about why I do not actually link to every single thing I write elsewhere on this blog. And I was just like, “it is on Feministe! Or, sometimes, the Guardian! You read both those things, right?” And she was like, “yes, I do, […]

Your Gratuitous Tuesday Quentin Tarantino Irritation

Ugh, QUENTINNN. I know, every time I weigh in to discuss how I feel about our friend QT, we have to have a big fight about it, because some of you love him so much and he is your best friend and you hang out together all the time while discussing how totally influenced by […]

Double Your Tiger Beatdown Pleasure! Double Your Tiger Beatdown Fun!

Well, hello there! I am sure you are all still getting over the excitement that was Sady’s Internet Blackout ’09 (what’s that you say? You didn’t notice? Shut your face at once, good sir or madam) and the FORMATTINGSPLOSION that was last week’s Sexist Beatdown. (I have tried to fix it about eight times now. […]