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Monthly Archives: December 2009

A Purloined Girlhood I: Say Anything… except Sexism?

You have an odd relationship to the past when you’ve transitioned. There’s barriers, thresholds, hesitations. Things Not Wanted To Be Said. Occasionally, misdirection and dodging. It can get…complicated. You see, I am a woman in her thirties Without A Past–or at least, Without An Adolescence. There are times I don’t regret not having had a […]

Sexist Beatdown: Mystery Dream Date Edition

Well, hello! It appears that it is just about time to solve a mystery for you. That mystery being: WHERE THE HELL HAS SADY BEEN ALL WEEK?!? I will tell you where, my friends! I have been working on the Giant Mystery Project, which is now more like the Surprisingly Massive Mystery Project, and I […]

Sexist Beatdown: Tiger and Cheetah Edition

You know what’s fun? Cute animal names for people behavior! It is like dressing a dog up in a little outfit, but in reverse. So adorable! “Older” ladies who date younger dudes are “cougars,” and younger “older” ladies who date younger dudes are “pumas,” and people who date people their own age are “yaks,” and […]


So I have a new piece on the Guardian’s Comment is Free! It is about how Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage (could Michael Savage actually be the WORST of them??? Research suggests maybe Yes) love to use the word “rape” to describe things that are not rape, like health care reform or taxes […]