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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Sexist Beatdown: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men’s Boners Edition

Ah, Katie Roiphe. Always with the feminist controversies, that one! And, you know, I’m fond of feminist controversies: they typically open up some interesting issues, and make us talk to each other about things that are uncomfortable but important, and enrich the discOH MY GOD WHAT????? Okay, so: Roiphe posits that the problem with the […]

Acts of Contrition: Feminism, Privilege, and the Legacy of Mary Daly

So, Mary Daly died. Huh. Now, if you know about me, even a little, you will know I have a complicated relationship with the works of Mary Daly. At first, they were everything I embraced about feminism; then, they were everything I tried to reject. It seems selfish, when talking about a dead woman, to […]

SADY LIKES MOVIES: A First For Tiger Beatdown

Say! Do you know what I’ve been doing? I’ve been doing The Holidays, is what I’ve been doing. And do you know what The Holidays look like? Well, when I am conferring with my top-notch Gentleman Associate, they look like getting started with some breakfast burritos and Bloody Marys (a fine drink! And, on the […]

Dear Kristen Stewart,

Please. Please. I am begging you. Please, for the love of God: MOVE YOUR FACE. No, not to a different location, Kristen Stewart! You can keep your face right where it is! Which is your head, I am assuming. No, Kristen Stewart: I am referring to the subtle movement of facial muscles, and more precisely […]