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Monthly Archives: March 2010


So, I was reading this biography of Wittgenstein last night, before I went to bed. I know, right? I am so intellectual and well-read and so on and so forth! But actually, no I am not: I have been sort of assigned to read this biography, by someone who likes it. The biographical literary work […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Don’t Bring My Best Friend TV Into It Edition

Hey! You know what people care a lot about, apparently? It is the television! Yes, television. It makes us laugh! It brings us joy! It distracts us from the fact that we are OMG totally alone in this apartment and have been for like SO MANY HOURS IN A ROW we just need to hear […]

Your Daily Amanda Palmer Outrage

Yup! AGAIN! You guys, I KNOWWWWW. And it’s weird to have these deep feelings — one way or the other — about celebrities. Like, DEEPLY weird. If there were ever a person on the Internet who wrote as long and as intensely and as occasionally unfairly as I have written about young Amanda Palmer of […]

13 Ways of Looking at Liz Lemon

1. The popular television sitcom 30 Rock premiered in the year 2006. Since that time, each man that I have dated has made a point of saying how much I remind him of the main character on that show, Liz Lemon. They said this, in each case, while we were breaking up. 2. The ways […]

Sexist Beatdown: WHO Put WHAT in the HUH Now? Edition

Friends: let me tell you a story, now. This is a story, not unlike that related by The Brady Bunch, of a lovely lady. A lovely lady named Amanda Hess at the Washington City Paper’s The Sexist, that is! She was blogging on the Internet about ladies for a while, when one day she happened […]


So, I recently watched this movie. This movie: It was entitled (500) Days of Summer. You guys, it was FOR A PROJECT! I would not watch this movie just for the hell of it! I am doing something on like romantic myths and like love stories and junk! So clearly, I HAD TO DO IT. […]

11 Things I Learned From Watching “Telephone”

(C.L. Minou occasionally consumes pop culture! It’s true! And among that culture she recently started to follow is Tiger Beatdown unofficial patron saint Lady GaGa. In fact, she watched the Bad Romance video like ten times in one day because of its thrilling mix of gender identity and politics, surrealism, shout outs to German Expressionism, […]


People: It has been a trying week, and particularly evening, over at the Tiger Beatdown Headquarters. Tiger Beatdown loves you, and Tiger Beatdown cares. But also? SHIT HAS BEEN HAPPENING, over at the Tiger Beatdown. This shit pertains to, though is not exclusive to, the matters of (a) Tiger Beatdown opening a Tumblr account, (b) […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: He’s Just Not That Into You, Although Your Vagina We Can Scientifically Confirm He Is in Fact Into Edition

Ladies! Step away from the dudes!* Yes, do it. Step away RIGHT NOW, unless you have some form of Very Serious Commitment, preferably signed and documented in a highly official manner in the sight of several armed witnesses. For we have heard some alarming news re: dudes, and sleeping with dudes specifically, if you are […]

SERIOUS NEWS EVENTS WEEKLY: Exclusive Leaked Footage of the Tiger Beatdown T-Shirt Printing Party

So, I know and you know that this blog has been all over the SERIOUS NEWS EVENTS lately. Like Ke$ha dance parties! We are all over those! However, tonight we are also taking care of TIGER BEATDOWN T-SHIRT EVENTS coverage. We are making them! We are documenting the process of making them! We are keeping […]