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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Ladypalooza PRESENTS! Remember The Blow

There are lots of inevitably female pop performers to (shudder) deconstruct. I mean, there’s Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Beyoncé, and, uh. OK, so I guess there are five female pop performers. Why aren’t there any more? If only there were some pop album that had songs about, say, how girls’ pussies are literal […]

Ladypalooza ON TOUR! Or, I Have Written My Own “Pinkerton,” Basically, I Am Sorry.

Why, hello, Reader! It has been a while! “Yes it has been,” I imagine you to reply, “and also, you never post on your own blog any more WHAT THE FUCK WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING.” A lot of things! I am editing pieces; I am replying to e-mails; I am taking part in some […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: You Are All Just A Bunch Of Stupid Cunts Who Should Shoot Yourselves In The WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY COMMENT GOT DELETED Edition

So, that Annaham post! So good, right? So important. And, let me tell you, I did not have to delete almost any comments at all for that post. Because the people who comment here? So great! And I love them! But let me tell you why that story was important to me. For, you see, […]

LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS! How Amanda Palmer Lost a Fan, or, My Own Private Backlash

[Oh, yes, indeed! You thought we would slow it down? YOU WERE WRONG. Because it is still LADYPALOOZA: Like an extra-girly-flavored Woodstock, but if Woodstock were on the Internet, and two weeks long (or possibly… LONGER???) and also not very much like Woodstock at all, really. My point is: Stop having joint-fueled sex in the […]

LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS! The World At Large: How Privilege works in Rock Music

[Hey, dudes and ladies! Guess what we’re still up to? Yes, it is still time for LADYPALOOZA, the badly-titled Ladies and Music and Whatnot THEME POST PARTY on the Tiger Beatdown. We tried to stop it! (FULL DISCLOSURE: We did not try to stop it.) But it was JUST TOO GOOD. For example, you may […]

Dear Internet:

You and me, we need a break today. I just deleted a 5,000-word blog post about the “Tina Fey Backlash” that was apparently caused by me writing a few blog posts all of which emphasized how I think Tina Fey is super funny and I love like 80% of her work. Because, who cares? There […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Tell You My Name, F-U-C-K Edition

Ladies! Have you ever entertained the desire… to rock the fuck out??? Well, too bad. The dudes, they do not support you in this ambition! Some of them! (“But some of us DOOOOOOOO” — The Comment Section.) And, in this very special LADYPALOOZA edition (yes, it’s the worst title for a Theme Post Party ever. […]

LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS: Why Can’t I Be Making Love Cause I’m In It? Or, The Phair/Cuomo Conundrum.

[And we’re back! With LADYPALOOZA: The Tiger Beatdown Lilith Fair Experience, But If Lilith Fair Didn’t Suck, And Also Were a Blog. This is the place where a bunch of ladies — and, perchance, some dudes! — come to discuss their Complicated Relationships With Music. These relationships: They are complicated! We have discussed the fact […]

META-POST: Yes, I Like the Guest Posters Better Than You. Sorry!

So, here’s the thing: Yesterday, we put up a guest post. A seriously fucking amazing guest post! Which sparked a seriously fucking amazing discussion! And yet, in that seriously fucking amazing discussion, there were sadly, some people who chose to act a fool — like, here’s a hint: When we’re talking about sexism, maybe don’t […]

LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS: I Went To Your Concert and There Was Nothing Going On, or, A Meditation on Dude Music

[Hey, guys: Remember VISIONS OF MANLINESS WEEK? I sure do! Because, during that week, I was e-mailing a bunch of dudes! And, in my e-mails, I made jokes to dudes. About how they should write about things that dudes cared about, and were good at. Like comic books! Or sports! Or opening pickle jars! Or… […]