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Monthly Archives: April 2010

META-POST: The New Face of Tiger Beatdown

Ladies! Gentlemen! You may have noticed, I think, some changes on this our Tiger Beatdown. For one, you may have noticed that an increasing number of posts Not By Me have been appearing on the site! For two, you may have noticed that some new names, and a brand-spanking new e-mail address, are now listed […]

[BONERS], For Fun and Profit: The Extent To Which You Don’t Care About [BONERS], Revealed!

Guys: It’s been a fun weekend. I went out with some ladies, including the lovely C.L., and drank “ironic” Amaretto sours (here’s some advice: DO NOT DO THAT. IT’S AWFUL. And no-one but you thinks it’s funny) and did various sensual dances which resulted in me tripping and falling face-first into a couch. Sensually! On […]

Thank You For Subscribing to the Newsletter for the We Don’t Care About Freddie’s Boners Foundation

There are, as of this writing, one hundred and twenty eight published comments on the blog post in which we announced the creation of the We Don’t Care About Freddie’s Boners Foundation, a noble and charitable institution dedicated to not giving a flying fuck about what Freddie thinks on the following topics: Whether Amanda Hess […]

WHY TIGER BEATDOWN HAS JOKES ON IT: Turns Out Some Motherfucker Had To Ask Me

You guys, Tiger Beatdown is a blog. And, on this blog, we have a comment section! Sometimes the comment section is pretty interesting. And sometimes, the comment section gives us some shit like this! From “Freddie”: I would ordinarily never, ever do this self-linking deal, but this post kind of compels it. [LINK DELETED BECAUSE […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: The Male As Male In All His Complexity Edition

Hey, guys! It’s time for more VISIONS OF MANLINESS, it would appear! But, like, here’s the thing: You know how I promised you we would be getting dudes to talk about their manliness? And only dudes? Exclusively dudes, in fact? I lied. For, truly, it is time for a Sexist Beatdown, starring Amanda “Not a […]

VISIONS OF MANLINESS PRESENTS: Sportsblogging Without Balls

[Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Tiger Beatdown! But wait: IS it your regularly scheduled Tiger Beatdown? Maybe it is not! In fact, it is definitely not! Because we are currently in the midst of VISIONS OF MANLINESS, a very exciting Tiger Beatdown THEME POST PARTYYYY (woo) staffed entirely by Some Dudes! Talking about things […]

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We Pause Our Regularly Scheduled Programming To Talk About Why You Should Just Go Ahead And Talk About Your Sex Life

Hey! Has anyone here heard of very respectable and excellent web publication The Atlantic Wire? I sure as heck have! For example, today, I hear that they are publishing that one Sady Doyle lady, and her thoughts on the Patti Smith memoir and so on and so forth! Singer-songwriter Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids is, […]

VISIONS OF MANLINESS PRESENTS: On the Fringes of Male Privilege

[Friends: You may have noticed some strange things afoot, at popular lady blog for ladies with lots of lady contributors Tiger “Ladybusiness” Beatdown. For example, you may have noticed that this week, we are all about the dudes! Did you know there are actually experiences of, like, oppression and junk thatoccur in the lives of […]

VISIONS OF MANLINESS PRESENTS: Pilgrim’s (Lack of) Progress: The De-Gaying of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

[Ladies, gentlemen: We talk a lot about ladies, here at the Tiger Beatdown. We have, by and large, lady contributors. We are run by a lady; that lady’s co-blogger is another lady; every week, the lady who runs the blog has a conversation with a third person, ALSO a lady. As the blog’s very subtitle […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: What We GChat About When We GChat About Love Edition

You know, ladies: We talk about a lot of stuff, here on the Tiger Beatdown. We talk about rape culture! We talk about reproductive rights! We talk about who is The Best Feminist on TV! But there’s one serious issue we haven’t talked about: How are you ever going to get a MAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN???? No, for […]