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Monthly Archives: May 2010

What We Read When We Don’t Read the Internet PRESENTS! Au Revoir, Pretty Horses; Or, Why I Don’t Read Man Books Any More

[Ladies, gentlemen: Tiger Beatdown is a classy publication, of sophisticated cultural leanings. Sort of! We do spend a lot of time talking about the Miley Cyrus! And the Taylor Swift, and the Judd Apatow movies, and who is the best feminist on NBC’s Thursday night prime-time programming (there are so many choices). However, here is […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: The Persecuted Tan of Megan Fox Edition

Hey, you guys, Megan Fox! Oh, my goodness, I love Megan Fox. I don’t even know WHY; she just seems like such a jerk all the time. But a fun jerk! Like, you could buy her a drink and be jerks together. She’d say super-awful things all the time, and they’d all be entertaining and […]

On Heavy Girls and Sexy Time

There’s a new study, which apparently hasn’t been published yet because I can not find it ANYWHERE, examining rates of sexual activity among teenage girls in various weight categories. MSNBC published an article and interview with the study’s lead author, Margaret Villers, that leaves me absolutely enraged. Here are the facts: The study found that […]


So, LOST ended. I know! LOST! I thought I was totally over it, you guys. I was like, “this is a show about attractive gentlemen who take their shirts off on a tropical island; also, there’s some sort of sci-fi thing going on; also, Daniel Faraday’s dead, so there’s no reason to care any more, […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: For Thee, Fair Maiden, I Would Punch A Thousand Faces Edition

Chivalry! Expert historians assert that this venerable concept has been with us for many a year, dating as far back as the 1995 Richard Gere picture First Knight. But what does it mean to be chivalrous? Does it mean, for example, carrying things that I personally find too heavy for my frail and womanly arms? […]

Kick-Ass: The Golden State Review

Greetings from Sunny Los Angeles! I’ve been far too busy committing deadly sins to write anything these last few weeks. But I got another e-mail from Tiger Beatdown, and I’m like THESE GUYS AGAIN and apparently we do this thing year round now. Who knew? So I took time off from my vacation and jetted […]

The Tudors: This Really Is Your Father’s Patriarchy

I like teasing out cause, effect, and consequences: this is why I watch all versions of “Law & Order” except for “Law & Order: Special Dead and Beatup Ladies Unit.” I like history, which is why my paperback copies of Shelby Foote’s The Civil War all have creases in the spine from being reread so […]

Welcome to the Institute for Beyonce-related Cultural Studies

On my 25th birthday, I went to a strip club. We were drunk, but not excessively so. I was with a group of my best friends, and we had all just finished law school, and we were exuberant and relieved. It was my idea. I had been talking with one of my female friends about […]

That Time of the Month: Tiger Beatdown Pledge Drive Time, That Is!

Oh, my goodness! Are you aware that it has been one entire month since our last Tiger Beatdown Pledge Drive? It’s true! And here is what happened, in this month of ours: We finally got over Freddie’s [BONERS]. We played you some of our records. We unloosed the demon spirit of Geddy Lee upon the […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Through the Eyes of Laura Bush Edition

So, that Laura Bush. She seems like such a nice lady, am I right? With her sensible suits, and her motherly way of speaking, and her affection for the children, and so on, and so forth. She thinks reading and cookies are good! She thinks alcoholism and breast cancer are bad! She is totally fine […]