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Monthly Archives: May 2010


Is not the title of this article I wrote for the Atlantic Wire Culture Channel [Ed. Note: DUH], on the surprising politics of Laura Bush. And why should it be? It has nothing to do with what I actually wrote! But I read Laura Bush on Laura Bush, I read Curtis Sittenfeld on “Alice Blackwell,” […]

Miley Cyrus < Betty Friedan: On the Search for a Feminist Pop Star

[Occasionally, friends, there comes a momentous time in our nation’s history, which demands solemn observance. An occasion such as Miley Cyrus releasing a music video! Of the bird-centric museum-based dance-off variety! Now: I cannot be the only one who thought that, as sexy avian lady music videos go, this cannot compare to the time Claire […]

I’m Sorry, Have We Not Yet Noticed How Awesome Tavi Is?

Because if not, we need to notice, right… about… NOW: Most of you have probably read about the Terry Richardson malarky. If not, here you are. I have reason to believe these people because it clearly doesn’t make them look too good or their agency too happy if they publicly confront someone with so much […]


As you know, we here at Tiger Beatdown are master practitioners of marketable blog writing. A blog post, we hear, should be short, and timely, and probably pegged to some manner of news item. This ensures that it can be part of the blog conversation on the Interwebs. Where immediate response is king! And that, […]

CALL YOUR MOTHER: A Very Special Tiger Beatdown Mothers’ Day Event!

So, the second-wave feminists and the third-wave feminists: Always beefing! Am I right? Truly, the older feminist ladies and the younger feminist ladies are set against each other, in deadly Mortal Kombat from which only one party can emerge victorious, and, potentially, un-stung by the other party’s deadly scorpion tail or whatever. Because one party […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: La Cage Aux Miley Edition

So! As you may very well know, by now, this Monday I participated in Harvard’s Rethinking Virginity conference. I talked! I listened! I ate mini-burritos! I Tweeted the whole darn thing, along with many of the other panelists! (Seriously: #rethinkingvirginity. It is a fun hash tag! Look it up.) The particular panel on which I […]

EXCITING TIMES: Please Welcome Silvana!

Friends: There comes a time, in every blog’s life, where that blog tires of singledom. It wants to settle down! Start a family! Or something! Basically, the blog wants to bring on new contributors, is what the blog wants to do, and by “the blog” I mean “Tiger Beatdown,” and by “Tiger Beatdown,” I mean […]


So, I have this thing where I don’t Write About Writers. Living Writers, that is! I think it is goofy, and boring, and promoting yourself at the expense of someone else in your same field is a shitty thing to do, and I myself am so under-experienced and non-professional and basically bad at everything that […]

Shut Your Head Gash: A Polite Defense of Women’s Music

Ladypalooza came at a weird time for me this year. South by Southwest was last month, which led to me writing extensively about music for a few weeks. Compound that with my fervent attempts to get EVERYONE! EVERYWHERE! to listen to my favorite band by writing what amounts to little more than musical erotica about […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: You Will Always Remember That Very Special Time When You Were Like “Oh, Just Stick It In Already” Edition

SO! Guess who’s going to Harvard? NO, NOT RIVERS CUOMO. He was there already! But on Monday, I will be there as well, at the delightful Rethinking Virginity conference, discussing with some other far more qualified ladies (seriously: look at all these ladies) my very favorite topic of all. Which is, of course, your hymen. […]