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Monthly Archives: June 2010

SEXIST BEATDOWN: The Artistic Individuality Of This Recurring Blog Feature May Be Compromised By No Man Edition

It was morning. Sady Doyle, industrious yet sensual blogtrepreneur and owner of Tiger Beatdown Industries, gazed out upon the skyline of New York through her kitchen window. A cigarette dangled, sensually, from her lips as she took in the view. Each building was strong and erect, built on strong and unyielding rods of steel, and […]

The Week In Patriarchy

The Journal of Epidemiology cited working mothers as a leading factor in childhood obesity; all the unemployed fathers were, presumably, too sad to cook. New York State is this close to letting couples divorce for no reason. Or because *ahem* one person did all the cooking. Katrina Rosin likened eating meat (“carnism”) to sexism. A […]

TALES OF TERROR: My Mild Dislike for Sex and the City 2

[Around here, we love Garland. There are a lot of reasons why we love Garland, but here is an exemplary parable: We have been talking, for weeks, about going to see the Sex and the City thing because someone HAS to write about it EVENTUALLY probably RIGHT? The Sex and the City: It has been […]

A New Feminist’s Guide to The Movement: The Sarah Palin Welcome Wagon

[Yo! In case you have forgotten, it is STILL TIGER BEATDOWN PLEDGE DRIVING TIME. With FABULOUS PRIZES! But also, annoying reminders. About how you can send us your couch-change, and still be loved and necessary and receive gratitude, and such! During PLEDGE DRIVING TIME, things get a little wacky. For example: Two posts! In one […]

A Critique of Marriage, from a Bride-to-Be

[Reminder: It is Tiger Beatdown Pledge Driving Week! Pledge driving is very exciting. Not only does it allow us to keep the lights on in Sady’s immediate vicinity, it allows us to pay Silvana, for exciting posts such as this one! Enjoy your post. Because there is a donate button at the end of it, […]

It’s Pledge Driving Time!

Yes, indeed it is! Those of you who have been reading us regularly know the drill: Once, every month, we stop and I make a long, windy, repetitive schpiel about the importance of feminist media and your donations. Then, I make a donation button, and it sort of works! And you click on it, and […]

The Revolution Will Be Mansplained: Ross Douthat Trumpets The Triumph of Feminism

If I were to tell you that the New York Times had published something that skirted the line between outright misogyny and paternalistic smugness, you’d probably yawn. If I told you that Ross Douthat had said something mock-controversial about women, you’d probably note that I had come up with an observation of the same erudition […]

“Atlas Shrugged” Movie to Remain Faithful to Spirit of “Atlas Shrugged,” Be Terrible

OMG, you guys! Filming on the Atlas Shrugged major motion picture event has begun! Atlas Shrugged, of course, is the massively popular mid-20th century X-Men prequel in which a team of misfit billionaires endowed with mutant powers of Capitalism band together under the leadership of John Galt to defeat Communism by… running away? From it? […]

The Week In Patriarchy

President Obama had avoided being too patriarchal with “women and girls”–until this week. If being-the-President were being-a-freshman, he’d be carrying a ‘B’ average right now, according to the president of the National Organization for Women. Not bad for someone who rode roughshod over reproductive rights with the Stupak Amendment. Still, women don’t have a horse […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Stupid People I Don’t Like Deserve To Be Abused Because Feminism Edition

This week, the Feminist Blogosphere erupted in controversy, over some difficult questions that we may never find a way to answer. For example: If a stranger finds a way to look into your bedroom, against your wishes, and watches you fuck and/or get naked, whether because they wish to masturbate over you or simply because […]