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Tiger Beatdown Goes on Vacation!

Well hey, there! It’s been a while since I’ve rapped at ya. And it will be a while longer! For this is the week that Tiger Beatdown goes on vacation.

What could have caused this, you ask? Well! A few things! For one thing, our lovely contributor Silvana is getting married. (Please send wedding presents and/or large sums of cash to Sady Doyle. They’ll, um. Get to Silvana. Somehow. Of course they will! Why would they do anything else, HA HA.) For another, I myself am going… TO VEGAS!

Yep! I am going to be at the Netroots Nation conference, and will even be appearing on a panel at said conference! It is on Snark (“the internet was built on snark, particularly the blogging careers of many of our panelists,” saith the introduction) and the other people on this panel are, can I tell you, so fabulous. So I very much hope you are going to the Netroots Nation. Because if you are, I will see you there! And if not: Have fun at work, suckers.


  1. Samantha B. wrote:

    My daddy sometimes goes for the environmental panels and generally so he can ask obnoxious questions, but this year he is busy moving to beach so that I can vacation whenever I fucking feel like (read: for like a day and a few hours because I’m self-employed.)
    Viva a la Elvis! Death to spam!

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 4:26 pm | Permalink
  2. AMC wrote:

    De-Lurking to say I love this blog, and two things that were bearing on me.

    One-while I like LG as much as the next carbon based life form who got tickets to her concert and ZOMG it was so beast she performed for two hours and was awesome and played like every instrument and her VOICE, I see you alot of times trying to reconcile her songs with feminist messages, or see feminist messages in them
    I wonder, have you ever considered listening to the music of another, proud F-word wearing female pop star who has written TWO song attacking the double standard, has unremittantly spoken up for women’s rights, who has written two songs about surviving domestic violence, has always insisted that as a women we are multidimensional beings, who has addressed flak about her being sexual and a mother by again discussing the shaming of female sexuality and how people want to put women in boxes, and has AlSO addressed the blatant sexuality in the media’s constant attempts to set up a cat fight between her and LG even though she’s repeatedly said she respects her fellow pop star and her dedication and willingness to push boundaries?
    I mean of course, Christina Aguilera. I’m sure you’ve heard “Cant Hold Us Down” probably the most unremittantly feminist song ever to be played on pop radio, but if you even get PISSED at the world and how so many people want to paint feminism “uncool” and the youth are lost (what, just me?) I suggest popping in either Stripped, Back to Basics or Bionic. Instant feminist happyland.

    Just felt I had to say this:
    Sady, I think you would LOVE True Blood. This is a case like Inglorious Basterds where I think if you actually watched the show you would find it very different from your ideas of it.
    Sookie is a very strong and brave character, who uses her wits and her inner strength to fight-in the first scene SHE saves BILL from being killed. And later on he kills the uncle who abused her, and he tells her
    “It wasn’t your fault.”
    “I know that,” she replies.
    Tara is also a strong female character, a strong, smart, BLACK female character, who says some pretty feminist things
    “Why do you only make the women wear uniforms?” she asks her boss. “It’s because you dont feel the need to sexualize the men.”
    The show addresses abuse, violence, sex, hangups, and homophobia and religious prejudice through the lens of vampirism. It is chock full of strong women, strong poc, and strong gay characters, all humanized, all given complete characterization.
    Trust me when I say-it is not the show you think it is. You may never become a fangirl, but should you watch it I am pretty sure you would find it much more feminist than you think.

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 9:54 am | Permalink
  3. AMC wrote:

    Dammit-the SEXISM in the media trying to pit her against Lady Gaga.
    (Also mostly a creation of one of the worst human beings ever to crawl the earth and slime up a blog, the over 30 year old pizza faced Perezophile Hilton who is every bad stereotype of a gay man rolled up in the package of an actual (terrible) human being.

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 9:58 am | Permalink