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Monthly Archives: September 2010

This Week, In Sexual Harassment Defenses: But Have You Noticed You Are Hot, Though?

Meet Pete McMartin, a Canadian journalist. He wrote for the Vancouver Sun, and also for the paper of a town called “Regina,” which sounds nice because it is a lady name. No other information was available on Pete McMartin, largely because I didn’t look past the first few results on Google. But it seems like […]

Tiger Beatdown Lives!

Sort of! We are currently messing around with lots of things, up to and including post schedules and that sort of thing. And thus, the silence. Which is no doubt obnoxious! Sorry! I was at the movies! And so on, and so forth. However, this leads us to our next request: One of the many […]

Tiger Beatdown Maintenance Update!

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Nation of Whoopi Goldbergs Edition

Say! You know what’s a fun word to have an argument about the definition of? Probably not “rape,” as it happens. But for some reason, everyone’s just in a rape-definition-debating mood. Like, for starters, we have “birth rape,” reported on by Birth Trauma Truths via Irin Carmon over at the Jezebel, which goes like so: […]

Garland Grey is IN YOUR MIIIIIIIIIND: The Post Where We Talk About Inception

Let’s face it: movies these days really, really suck.¬†Each year more movie screens are assimilated into the stifling miasma of talking animal films, comic strip remakes, and movies with Will Ferrell in them. The reason for this is simple: these movies consistently make money. Each year movie lovers latch onto one movie and try to […]

Our Post-Sexist Society, or: Feminists Always Make A Big Deal Out Of Nothing, Part 134,450,009

You know, there are a lot of fun things about covering my particular beat. One of the most fun, however, is the possibility that, on any given morning, this will be the very first thing I find in my e-mail inbox. For those of you who don’t feel like clicking through to the link, it’s […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: When a Tornado Meets a Volcano Meets a G-Chat Client Edition

Relationships! Those are important, right? Sure they are. And you know, guys: Sometimes relationships end. Sometimes things happen! Terrible things! And the people, they just have to move on! Except… WHEN THEY DON’T. That’s right: Our long national nightmare is over. Behold, the triumphant return of Sexist Beatdown! In which the incredible cross-blogging G-chatting team […]