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Monthly Archives: December 2010

It’s The End of the World: Let’s Start A Twitter Hashtag!

I forgot to tell you that I wrote something for The Awl???? I missed it when it went up! It is about — WAIT FOR IT — Internet activism, Twitter, and feminist infighting, in the form of an epistolary short story the background of which is that Taylor Swift has achieved total world domination secretly […]

A Merry Tiger Beatdown Christmas: 100% FACTUALLY ACCURATE Edition

As you may have known, I spent much time these past two weeks protesting what I saw as irresponsible coverage of the Julian Assange case. Saying, for example, that these two women were far-flung agents of the CIA, or some other secret government agency, planted in the hopes of luring him in as “honeypots” and […]

Grey Areas: Wholesome Holiday Sex Edition

I’ve been following your tumblr for a long time but I’m embarrassed to post this under my name. What’s the best advice you have for someone who has never actually HAD sex but kind of done everything but? I mean this in terms of I’m with a person now (I’m a girl, he’s a guy) […]

#MooreandMe: And Then He Came Down

Last night, I did something I hadn’t done in a very long time. I took a long, hot bath. I just laid there, and I started to feel how tired I was, and I started to feel less tense. And then I got up, and I went to my bedroom, and I laid down next […]

A Week of #MooreandMe: Keith Olbermann and the Eternal “If”

Last night was the longest night of the year. I mean, it was the solstice: Nights have literally been getting longer and longer, and last night lasted for longer than any others, for as long as a night can. And I mention that because, in a stunningly melodramatic Emily-Brontean sort of coincidence, this was also […]

#MooreandMe, Five Days and Running: Run It All The Way Down (A Timeline of Relevant Quotes)

1. CRIME Assange has been charged with something called “sex by surprise,” which reportedly carries a $715 fine. According to Assange’s London attorney, Mark Stephens, prosecutors have yet to explain the charges or meet with the WikiLeaks chief to discuss them, which he’s agreed to do. “Whatever ‘sex by surprise’ is, it’s only an offense […]

#MooreandMe: Four Days Outside the Tower. I’m Scared. I’m Tired. I’m Crying. And I Won’t Stop.

This afternoon, at about three PM, I took my first real break from #MooreandMe that didn’t involve sleeping. You may or may not know this, but I have been going, on Twitter and Tiger Beatdown and Tumblr and in e-mail and sometimes for Salon, basically without stopping or doing literally anything else, like: skipping most […]

#MooreandMe: What Matters

Here’s the thing. Michael Moore has DEMONSTRATED an unwillingness to engage, or even to apologize, for what he did wrong that sparked #MooreandMe. The likelihood that he’ll donate $20K to an anti-sexual assault organization? It is very, very low. Because Michael Moore’s actions indicate that rape survivors just don’t mean as much to Michael Moore […]


Well, it’s that time of the week again. Friday afternoon time! Most of us, right about now, would be planning our weekends, kicking back, wondering just how little work we can actually do before it’s time to go home, and/or potentially trying to figure out if it’s REALLY that unprofessional to start drinking at 3 […]

#MooreandMe, Day Two: Keith Olbermann, Internet Consciousness-Raising Tool

Oh, that Keith Olbermann. So adept with the Twitter, that one! For yesterday, he followed up “Keith Olbermann’s Late Night Tantrum About Anti-Rape Protesters” with “Keith Olbermann’s Tantrum About Anti-Rape Protesters 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO.” And you know, I wouldn’t have believed it? But sure enough, just like Aliens, the sequel was EVEN BETTER than the […]