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Monthly Archives: April 2011

What does equality mean these days?

I identify as a feminist, in casual conversations, almost weekly. It’s a label that makes conversing easier because most people know the term well enough that I do not need to give too many follow up explanations. Especially in The Netherlands, where I live, feminism has been part of policies and political agendas for the […]

Toemaggedon, Toilets and Gender Symbols

Do you hear that, women wanting rights? Not only are you creating a generation of trans girls by not allowing your uteri to be controlled by Republican men, you’re destroying the economy!

Olivia Munn To Bring “Stiletto Feminism,” Sandwich Hatred To Worst TV Show Ever

Oh, fabulous news, everyone! Aaron Sorkin is making yet another TV show. No, wait, hold the phone: Aaron Sorkin is making yet another TV show… about Keith Olbermann. I know! I know! I thought I was making it up, too! But I have checked, and this is not in fact my own personal nightmare: This […]

VIDEO: The Legacy of Wonder Woman

Wow. Never has something so relevant to my interests flown so far under my radar. From Vaquera Films’ website: THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AS TOLD BY WONDER WOMAN is a feature film about female superheroes, warrior princesses and the “ideal” woman in popular culture. The film explores our culture’s love of comic book superheroes […]

Vote for The Gender Justice Uncovered Awards

Women’s Link Worldwide is an NGO, started in Colombia, that strives to advance women’s rights through the implementation of international human rights law and strategic work with the courts, including strategic litigation. Founded in 2001, Women’s Link has 501(c)(3) status in the United States, foundation status in Spain and non-governmental organization status in Colombia. They […]

Marinelli Claims NOM Has Assembled a “Secret Online Propaganda Team”

If you haven’t been following the story of Louis Marinelli’s defection, he was the engineer behind the National Organization for Marriage’s “Summer For Marriage” Tour and worked as a high-ranking staffer within the organization. Until last week, when he defected via an interview on the queer activism blog Good As You: Having spent the last […]

Life Among The One Percent

It’s a bit difficult to determine what percentage of the population is asexual, as we tend to be a rather under studied group; we are everywhere, but largely invisible, tacked on as an afterthought in trendy acronyms, but not actually included, except on rare occasions. One relatively recent study pegged the number at about one […]

What it’d mean to be really pro-life

What would it mean to be truly pro-life? It would mean valuing every life. Every.

ADDITIONAL FUN! For People Who Really Like Bummers

Oh, hey! What you up to? Enjoying the physical after-effects of a 2 AM bus ride home from Boston (TIRED. SO VERY TIRED) and the emotional after-effects of getting to go to Wellesley and realize that everyone there is stone cold amazing (JOY)? No? Oh, right, that’s me. Well, don’t feel too bad! I imagine […]

Let’s look at the phallus

(Trigger warning for discussions of rape culture, assault and violence) What’s in a name, we might argue. And get all semantic and argumentative and a bit heated in debate. However, the funny thing is, we agree in all principles debated perhaps, but we might not necessarily agree on the accepted conventions and where these conventions […]