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ADDITIONAL FUN! For People Who Really Like Bummers

Oh, hey! What you up to? Enjoying the physical after-effects of a 2 AM bus ride home from Boston (TIRED. SO VERY TIRED) and the emotional after-effects of getting to go to Wellesley and realize that everyone there is stone cold amazing (JOY)? No? Oh, right, that’s me. Well, don’t feel too bad! I imagine you have your own stuff going on!

Also, here is something else you could have going on, if you pleased: You could check out this story I wrote, for Raw Story. I am looking, you see, for the under-covered stories of our time! And oh, here’s one: A guy currently up on charges of abduction and rape was actually a town official, despite having a 13-year-history of domestic violence? Yeahhhhh:

He allegedly met his latest victim after she responded to roommate want-ad that he posted on Craigslist. Many of the trial details are sealed to protect the identity of his victim, though news reports indicate that he held her against her will and raped her over the course of several days before he drove her to Boston’s Logan Airport and she was able to contact authorities.

Given the extent of his criminal past, it’s surprising to many that Gray was a free man, let alone an elected official. The Eagle-Tribune recently reported in detail on the earlier charges, which include multiple restraining orders and several convictions — including for assault. In 2003, Gray forced his then- girlfriend onto a bed “by grabbing her by the wrists and lying on her body with his body.” The womanʼs son heard her scream, and came to her. Gray reportedly punched him in the face.

And now, it is time for me to talk to several experts about exactly how something like this happens. And time for you to read it, too!

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