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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Rapture tastes so sweet

Iio – “Rapture” (lyrics here) So I’m sure most of you are aware of the whole supposed imminent Rapture thing and have been making jokes about it on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/probably-not-myspace-does-that-still-exist? Anyway, I have the unfortunate habit of taking jokes way too seriously, so I have written something at Global Comment about it!  And you should read […]

Tyler, The Creator, Creates 43-Year-Old “Joke”

Hey! Do you know who Tyler, the Creator is? No? Good for you. I wish I’d never heard of the little discharge-wad. But for those of unfamiliar: Consider all the [TRIGGER WARNINGS] that I basically don’t use a lot to be in full effect, and then think Eminem. And then do whatever it takes to […]

GREY AREAS: Come, Let Me Play You a Torch Song Of My Wasted Youth Edition

Last week I asked for questions for Grey Areas and this was in my inbox before the e-ink was dry on my e-request. I‘m young, gay, sassy, and just starting to play the dating game. How do I get buttloads of men to swoon over me, or at least get the buttloads of men swooning […]

Hey, Shorty! An interview with authors Mandy Van Deven, Joanne N. Smith and Meghan Huppuch

Last week, as part of the Hey, Shorty! Virtual Book Tour, we reviewed this excellent guide for community organizing, activism and awareness against school and street sexual harassment, created to document the work of Girls for Gender Equity, a grass root organization that seeks to empower teen women of color in New York. Today, authors […]

REMINDER: Roseanne Is Motherfucking Hardcore, Still

Hey! Do you remember Roseanne? Oh, okay, let me remind you: Do you remember when your obnoxious uncles got drunk at Thanksgiving in 1990 and everybody was talking about how this one woman was scary and crazy and bitchy and fat and why can’t she just shut up? But they laughed every time they finished […]

‘But, his reputation will be ruined! And what about France?’

News broke this weekend that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the current leader of the International Monetary Fund, had been accused of sexual assault. Actually, the media can’t seem to make up its mind about what exactly he’s been accused of, which is par for the course when rape is on the table. I’ve seen ‘rape,’ ‘sex crimes,’ […]

Taking liberties with Patrick Wolf

Sometimes people accuse me of over-reading, of reading too much into something, of distorting. Making promiscuous texts. Desiring texts (“wishful thinking”). Confusing my sexual and textual politics. I think you have to, have to twist and make it work for you, have to push it until you find some space for yourself in the cultural […]

Hey Shorty! A Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment and Violence in Schools and on the Streets

School is not just a place to gain knowledge but also a place where students can easily be affected by sexual harassment. What a disgrace. How can we progress in our schoolwork if we are impacted and distracted by sexual harassment? -Cindy, Youth Organizer (page 38) Can we answer that question? Can we provide Cindy […]

Wrongful Birth: Not Just the Stuff of Jody Picoult Novels

Catching up on the news this morning, I came across this decision from the Illinois Supreme Court in a wrongful birth suit. Wrongful birth suits (recently famously fictionally featured in Handle With Care) occur when parents sue hospitals and care providers because their children are disabled and either the facility failed to anticipate the disability […]

Intuitive feminism

I don’t think I need to point out the obvious but, a lot of feminist discourse on line (particularly in blogs and news) is very US Centric (with perhaps a few exceptions here and there about Canada and the UK). Even the kind of feminism that is not at the center of this mainstream discourse […]