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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Austerity in the U.S.A.

The streets of Athens exploded yesterday with Greek protesters lamenting severe austerities adopted by the Greek parliament. The nation faces a fire sale of national assets in an attempt to balance out its flailing budget and, of course, to rescue creditors who refuse to accept a Greek default, and are reluctant to even consider write-downs. […]

Halliburton is the reason I do not care about the glass ceiling

Catchy title, eh? Only that no, Halliburton is not the only reason why I have little interest in a feminism that only seeks to advance women in corporate life. As journalist Laurie Penny tweeted yesterday, when news that Christine Lagarde was appointed head of the IMF: Some people still think feminism is about getting a […]

Full of M.A.G.I.C

[The video clip to Sound of Arrow’s new single “Magic,” a very cheerful indiepop song. It features two children (a presumed boy and a girl) who wake up into a world where all the adults have disappeared from their suburb. They move from their suburb to a petrol station, gather junk food, then move to […]

For-Profit Colleges: Preying On Hope and Vulnerable Populations

Over at Alternet, Sarah Jaffe recently covered the looming student loan crisis; with youth unemployment soaring even as the costs of college rise while available grants drop, many of the people who graduated this May and June have no jobs, and no prospects of work. Within months, their student lenders are going to come knocking […]

Loan-sharking Greece

For those that haven’t been following, there’s a huge protest movement going on in Greece at the moment.  People have taken the squares of Athens in an attempt to avoid having an IMF “bail-out” forced upon them (a situation that Flavia has written about here with regard to this decades-long practice in Latin America).  These […]

El Roundup Latin@ American@ Week 25

Sorry I am a day late but I’ve been having network card problems since yesterday. Today’s listicle chock full of news from El Sur!

Deinstitutionalisation: Suing for the Right to Live in Our Communities

I am currently in the lovely city of Chicago, and as I often do when I travel, I started my morning by reading some local news outlets. I always like to see what’s happening in the places I visit, even if I am mostly shuttling between airports and hotels and meetings and things. (And I […]

Tumblr where your political authorities are American, cis, male and White (and preferably an aggressive anti Abortion activist)

Brace yourselves! Because I am going to do away with this idea that Social Media is horizontal, democratic and a valid means to get your story out there. Moreover, I am about to show you how Social Media is just another White, kyriarchical, status-quo upholding, oppressive medium. You know, just like the rest of the […]

Changes at the Tiger Beatdown: Please Welcome Our New Team

Readers may have noticed that Tiger Beatdown is a little more awesome lately. And there is a very awesome reason for that! We have a whole new team, these days. In addition to the ever-lovely and stalwart Garland Grey — whose guest blog at Bitch, the charmingly entitled “Sexual Inadequacy,” you should all be reading […]

Meet the rising star of rape culture politics: MA State Representative Ryan Fattman

A youthful, Republican political star seems to be in the making: Massachusetts State Representative Ryan Fattman. Yesterday, Mr. Fattman was part of a debate with Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Local news outlets are hailing Ryan Fattman as a young, Republican hopeful with a […]