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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Organising, Activism, and Goals

Sady’s post this weekend got me thinking about a series of conversations I’ve been having in my email, and elsewhere, about the state of online organising not just in feminist communities, but social justice-oriented ones in general. The State of the Internet is a topic I see coming up again and again, with a myriad […]

Clumsy, Indeterminately-Aged Headline Writers and Who is RUINING EVERYTHING

Ladies! What is the most important thing on our agenda today? Is it… fighting about which one of us is the worst feminist, by any chance? Oh, good! So, I have actually done some research on this question, and I have the definitive answer for you. The definitive answer is: Me. I am the worst […]

Media Analysis, the Butterfly Effect and how Rebekah Brooks hair is forced to eat humble pie

I’ve been trying to find an interesting “angle” on the Murdoch Parliamentary hearings that took place two days ago. An angle, you know, something interesting to say. Mostly I’ve been waiting for transcripts to emerge so that I could base my opinions on more than my memory of what transpired and/ or third party accounts. […]

Michele Bachmann Gets Migraines. So What?

Breaking political news on US shores today revolved around a Daily Caller expose on Michelle Bachmann’s migraines, complete with lurid suggestions about drug use and the implication that migraines make a person unfit to be President. (I’m glad we’re so worried about Bachmann’s fitness for the Presidency at this early stage, let me tell you.) […]

One Pie, Two Scoops of Analysis

UK-based activist Jonnie Marbles added a note of absurdity to the proceedings at the Murdoch hearing this morning by introducing what appeared to be a cream pie to the general vicinity of Murdoch’s person. Shortly before the pie incident, he Tweeted: It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever […]

In or out? More thoughts on B. Manning.

So I wrote this piece for Alternet last week about Bradley1 Manning potentially being trans (most likely a trans woman, though not necessarily), and right on cue, Wired has made public the full chat logs between Manning and Adrian Lamo, the hacker who turned Manning in. The conversations are fascinating, occasionally incoherent, strewn with technobabble, […]

Harry Potter and the…AHAHAHAHA none for you!

Among the myriad fabulous topics we cover here at Tiger Beatdown is pop culture, the many ways in which it manifests, and the fascinating things it says (or doesn’t) about groups of people such as ladies, and queer folks. A pretty critical pop culture event is unfolding across the US tonight and in the small […]

Why the News of the World scandal is about you, no matter where you live

Chances are that you have heard there is a corruption scandal currently unfolding in the UK. This scandal involves the tabloid News of the World, one of the most popular and far reaching in Britain. Leave it to Wikipedia to provide a handy short summary of the events timeline: The controversy began in 2006, when […]

Team Tiger AWESOME

So, occasionally your beloved Tiger Beatdown writers (and I) write pieces at other places.  And they are all incredible and worth your time. Imagine, if you will, the following as roughly a sitcom intro: s.e wrote about Georgia’s using prison labour to fill the gaps left by its appalling anti-immigrant laws, a piece about rape […]

UN Women releases first report: Progress of the World’s Women

The newly created organization within the UN, UN Women, led by former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, (Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director) dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women which was  established to accelerate progress on meeting the rights of girls and women worldwide, has released their first report yesterday, Progress of the World’s […]