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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Team Tiger AWESOME

One thing about a group of people this fantastic is that our pure awesome cannot be contained to these pages alone. Thus, we like to keep you posted on what we’re up to elsewhere! Emily Manuel’s been all over the place! At In These Times, she writes about the London riots. On Global Comment she discussed […]

Moving away from Social Justice towards Social Wellbeing

Many of us identify part of our activism (be it through writing, community engagement, online, offline, etc.) as part of the broad umbrella of Social Justice. However, most of us (or at least I) do not necessarily devote a lot of time to think of the meaning behind Social Justice and how the whole idea […]

The TV show that had ALL the complex and strong female characters: Battlestar Galactica

This week Lindsay Miller wrote about Doctor Who (and if you’ve seen the comments, you’ll notice my endless love for the many incarnations of the Doctor) and s.e. smith wrote about the portrayal of strong female characters on TV. Since I am a big sci-fi nerd (all it takes for me to watch a TV […]

What Do You Mean When You Say You Want ‘Strong Female Characters’?

Oh, the strong female character. Holy grail of pop culture, embodiment of all that is empowerment, role model and inspiration for viewers of all genders, proof that women do not need to be shoehorned into stereotypical roles, but can instead spread their wings and fly free. She’s the characterisation many people say they do not see […]

LANDMARKS OF LADY-HATE Presents! American Psycho, or, Despite All My Rage I Am Still Just A Rat In A Vagina

Ladies! We of the feminist persuasion have a long and noble history from which to draw. Specifically, a long and noble history of being offended by stuff! I worry, ladies, that in this our Internet age, we are losing touch with that history. And thus, I introduce to you a new series, LANDMARKS OF LADY […]

They want to do real bad things to you: Class War on True Blood

“Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives on by sucking living labor and lives the more, the more labor it sucks” – Karl Marx, Capital The vampire has long been a potent metaphor for cultural anxieties of many kinds.  HBO’s True Blood is a fun, sex-filled take on the urban fantasy genre, combining vampires, werewolves, […]

Al Jazeera shocked because female politicians in Latin America do not identify as feminists. Here’s some context

I see many people on Twitter passing the link of a piece at Al Jazeera, Stigmatising feminism in Latin America and sure, the post makes some good points but since most people disseminating the link do not have the Latin American context (yes, yes, one of my favorite subjects to delve into), I thought I’d […]

The Girl Who Waited: Why I Hate Amy Pond

For a long time, despite urging from the various nerds in my life, I didn’t bother to get into the new Doctor Who. (I still have never watched the original series.) But about a year ago, my partner and I moved to a new state so I could go to grad school. Bereft of our […]

The Google+ Nymwars: Where Identity and Capitalism Collide

Google recently tentatively dipped back into the social networking waters with Google+, a network based on the premise of circles; you decide who you want in which circle, who sees what, and who your ‘friends’ versus ‘people I’m adding back just to be polite’ are. It’s a concept I’m already familiar with from Dreamwidth, which […]

Very Important Announcement: I’m Doing Very Important Announcements Again, Also Casey Anthony

The fact is, from the moment her trial started, Casey Anthony’s sexuality has been a public good. And this has revealed some very ugly truths about women, about sex, and about the role that sex still plays in the cultural imagination. When we, the people hate a woman, we want more than anything to see […]