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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Violence Against Women With Disabilities: Probing the Scope of the Problem

On Friday, Flavia reminded readers of the problems with the limited reach of anti-violence campaigns, which tend to focus on specific populations, and discussed the #16days campaign intended to highlight numerous perspectives on gender-based violence. She touched upon one area of conversations about violence against women that tends to be neglected: Discussions about the intersections […]

November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women #16days

Today marks the anniversary of the political assassination of three women known as the Mirabal Sisters. The Mirabals were four sisters who grew up in Salcedo, a city in the Dominican Republic, during the era of the dictator Rafael Trujillo. Three of them — Minerva, Patria, and Maria Teresa — were killed by Trujillo’s henchmen […]

NPR and Their Fat Hatred Can Kiss My Hairy Ass

NPR has an ongoing series wittily called ‘Living Large‘ which is supposed to be about obesity in the US. Now, I am an NPR listener from way back. I have fond memories of childhood with All Things Considered on in the background while my father and I cooked dinner, or waking up to listen to […]

OBNOXIOUS: Katie Roiphe’s Harasser-Centered Sexual Harassment Ethos

Last Saturday Katie Roiphe’s “In Favor of Dirty Jokes and Risqué Remarks” appeared on the New York Times’ Op-Ed page. Roiphe took as her ostensible subject the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations, but quickly abandoned that topic to meander aimlessly through a collection of every ignorant thing she had ever thought about sexual harassment in […]

What’s Your Slavery Footprint?

Free the Slaves estimates that 27 million people worldwide are enslaved. Many are bonded labourers, enslaved to work off debts which can grow over time and may be passed between generations. Others are forced labourers, compelled to work under threat, unable to receive access to basic workplace protections, and unpaid. They are all around us, […]

If you protest racism during Black Face season in The Netherlands, you will be beaten up and arrested

[Content warning for very racist images, links to videos of police brutality and depictions of State endorsed racism] Ah, my home, The Netherlands. Tourists from all over the world wax lyrical about the tulips, the windmills and the widely available weed. What these tourists hardly ever get to see is how institutionalized racism works in […]

But How Do You Know It’s Sexist? The #MenCallMeThings Round-Up

[NOTE: This article is about — and hence contains copious examples of — violent, highly triggering, and bigoted language. When the slur isn’t something connected to my own identity, I have tried to bleep it with asterisks.] [EDITED TO ADD: Since its publication, this article has been cited by many reporters and bloggers. Thanks, everybody! […]

Roma women in Europe: the silenced, underreported gender oppression

European countries are always praised for the strides they make towards gender equality. European nations consistently rank on top of quality of life rankings and measurements. Moreover, the EU is held as a sort of modern gold standard for the promotion of human rights and the values of “reason and enlightenment”. Gender equality and anti […]

In Praise of Bad Sex

Bad sex has a bad reputation. It’s not hard to sort out why when it gets conflated with rape all the damn time. The idea that someone violating your body can be written off as “bad sex” has a lot of awful ramifications, many of which, as clever readers of this exceedingly fine blog, you’re […]

Why Are You In Such A Bad Mood? #MenCallMeThings Responds!

In 2009, I was a far more cheerful person. It’s true! You can see it, in the posts and such! I was exclamation-point-y, and elaborate-DFW-sentence-ripoff-y, and oh, oh so very droll about all this wacky sexism. I got mad, a few times. Who doesn’t? But for the most part, I was just darn chirpy. “Hey, […]