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Monthly Archives: June 2012

We cannot have it all because we no longer have dreams

This has been the week of backlash against feminism. In fairness, it is always backlash week against feminism but Anne-Marie Slaughter’s piece at The Atlantic, Why women still can’t have it all, has revived some of those sentiments. Feminism has failed us, she implies. We were promised a balance between career and private life. We […]

This may be the most patronising attempt to get girls involved in science ever

So, the European Commission has just started a campaign to get girls interested in careers in the sciences: Science: It’s a Girl Thing! I found out about this on Twitter on Friday morning after the campaign released a truly revolting teaser video that honestly kind of beggared belief. Someone, somewhere, approved this video and thought it […]

The Zimmermans, Perjury, and The Aid of White Supremacy

From this morning’s Los Angeles Times: “Oh, man, that feels good,” he told his wife, “… that there are people in America that care.” “Yeah they do,” she answered. So many tried to log onto his website the day of his arrest, she said, it kept crashing. A few moments later, she said, “After all […]

This is a post about Bunheads. Deal with it.

People people people, can we talk about Bunheads on ABC? Because holy moly, I have been on pins and needles all week waiting for tonight’s episode. I have been wanting to watch it since about halfway through last week’s episode, honestly, because it was poppin’ fresh, as the kids like to say, and I’m really […]

Let Us Colonise Your Wombs: Surrogacy In India

Two years ago, Mother Jones had a great feature on surrogacy in India. It didn’t receive a whole lot of traffic at the time but it’s come back up into the public eye, because this is an issue that has not gone away. In fact, it’s gotten a whole lot worse, and there’s a big […]

Fertility, Gender, Sterilisation, Womanhood

I chose to get sterilised for many reasons, but one of them was the overarching association between fertility and femaleness that runs like a dark bloody thread throughout our society, no matter how much people push back against it. If you have a uterus and ovaries and fallopian tubes and they are capable of producing […]