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#NOTBUYINGIT: The Problem Is Far Bigger Than Audi’s #BraveryWins

[Trigger Warning: Discussion of rape and the motivations/tactics of rapists.] If you missed the BeyoncĂ© Bowl (alternatively: The Super Knowles) it was perfect. BeyoncĂ© used her extensive catalog of hits, her once-in-a-generation talent, and her staggering genius to put on a show none of us deserved. Her opening and closing act was a little bizarre […]

All-American Muslim: Too Dangerous for TV Advertising, Apparently

TLC has a new reality show running called All-American Muslim, following the lives of several Muslim households in Dearborn, Michigan. The critical response has mostly pointed out how bland and ordinary it is; gosh, Muslim families really are just like everyone else! In an era where reality shows are mostly about flashy displays of wealth […]