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Content note: This post contains graphic discussions of suicidal ideation, and anxiety.¬† There are the things we don’t tell each other, the things that skulk inside of us, the monsters that threaten to devour us. They are the things we sometimes cannot even put into words, though we see other people who struggle with them […]


I’m not sure when I first understood that my brain worked differently from other people’s, and that the feelings I experienced weren’t like the feelings other people experienced. There was no defining moment I can point to, no instance of ‘aha,’ just a slow sense of deterioration, interrupted by periodic visits to counselors and doctors […]

Yet Another Preventable Prison Death

Eyes around the country are on Los Angeles County after a series of revelations about conditions in its jails, and the outcome in the George Rosales case is not surprising, but it speaks volumes about the attitudes of people working within the system.¬†Rosales was caught in a web of circumstances that ultimately led to his […]

Now THIS Is Some Mental Health Bootstrapping

One of the most insidious and commonly repeated tropes about mental illness is that people can bootstrap their way out of it; they just need to ‘try harder’ and ‘stop moaning’ and they’ll magically get better, even if this defies all known knowledge of neurochemistry, human emotion, and psychiatry. There’s tremendous pressure on people with […]

The Problem With Policing Someone Else’s Mental Health

In “Head Case,” an episode of the TV show “The Commish,” Michael Chiklis’ character uncovers a plot at a mental hospital to frame an innocent man for the death of a patient. He is kidnapped, locked in the hospital, and drugged – I can’t remember how he ended up getting out of this particular dilemma, […]