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GORE VIDAL, Elder statesman of American Rape Apology and Transphobia

[Content Note: The following contains Rape Apology, Transphobia, and Cissexism] If you hadn’t heard: Gore Vidal is dead. While the hagiographers are still pinning down just the right words to eulogize him, I’d like to interject a not at all respectful or kind or complete assessment of the man’s life, before we’re all drowning in happy […]

I’ve Been Wanting To Write About Seven Brides For Seven Brothers For a While

A little over a month ago, AOL News posted an article by Walter Schumm entitled “Study: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids.” Schumm, a Family Studies professor from Kansas has conducted a “meta-analysis” (just make peace with the amount of sarcastic quotations I need to use to even talk about this inane shit) […]