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Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Week In Patriarchy

Proposition 8, California’s constitutional amendment limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples, was overturned–not that same-sex couples may see an immediate benefit. A seventeen-month-old boy was murdered for acting like a girl. Nineteen young men in Sudan were sentenced to a public flogging for wearing women’s clothing and “dancing in a womanly fashion.” Sudan was also named […]

Dangerous Communion: A Vindication of A Vindication of Love

Female desire has been my feminist project for a while. I’m focused on reclaiming it, understanding it, making room for it, staking out a place for it as something worthwhile. Cristina Nehring, I think, is on a similar quest in A Vindication of Love, and I rather love her for it. Nehring isn’t out to […]

The Swish

As a junior in college I took a course in “personality.” It was one of the many upper-level psychology classes I was to take that year. A few weeks in, the professor started talking about the Thematic Apperception Test. The TAT is based on an observable rule of human behavior: You can always trick people […]

What the Fuck Is Up With Tiger Beatdown?

Well! We are scattered about to the four winds this week, apparently. HOWEVER, you may still want to read these delightful pieces I wrote for the Atlantic, in which I ask that you compare yourself to Snooki and tell you that you have Peggy Olsen’s problems. Enjoy!