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Monthly Archives: November 2010

OMG Glee: Brand New Puppy Edition

“Kurt looked up from his desk and stared fondly at the old group photo of the members of New Directions, his High School Show Choir. He struggled to remember when it had been taken. He lifted the frame from the wall and scrutinized the tiny markings on the bottom that dated the photo. ‘Ah yes,’ […]


So, here we have an apology, for the piece Jezebel published last Wednesday advocating groping, purposefully intoxicating a woman in order to fuck her, and various other things along the lines of “sexual assault,” from editor Jessica Coen. That’s great. I have to say, just in response to comments on our last piece on the […]

Some Of You May Have Noticed

That our Face of Privilege Denying Dude has changed! That is for a very inspirational reason. Apparently, a certain gentleman by the name of “Edman” reads websites, and the comment sites of websites, such as the Tiger Beatdown according to his statement on the matter, and has decided to stop iStockPhoto’s campaign of cease-and-desist letters […]

I’ve Been Wanting To Write About Seven Brides For Seven Brothers For a While

A little over a month ago, AOL News posted an article by Walter Schumm entitled “Study: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids.” Schumm, a Family Studies professor from Kansas has conducted a “meta-analysis” (just make peace with the amount of sarcastic quotations I need to use to even talk about this inane shit) […]

So, Just So We’re Clear:

Let me take a second here to paint a target on my back. And then, let’s talk about feminist media. Because here’s the history of feminist media on the Internet, as I understand it. It goes: People start writing about their feminism on the Internet. People start doing it for themselves. People do this for […]

OMG Glee: The Substitute

Last week’s Glee was really terrible. Not just “makes Social Justice activists cringe” terrible, but poorly executed. Gwyneth Paltrow played a substitute teacher named Holly Holiday with designs on Will’s job, Principal Figgins, one of the show’s few characters of color, was fired, and Kurt was a terrible, shitty friend to Mercedes all the way through. We learned […]

Quick Links: Your Beautiful Princess Wedding Edition

It seems almost too perfect: The Time/Pew poll revealing that 39 percent of Americans think marriage is obsolete was released on the very week that seemingly everyone on both sides of the Atlantic went wild over an engagement. But WHICH engagement? And WHY? And what does Sady THINK ABOUT MARRIAGE? Well, click on through to […]

A Very Special Episode of Grey Areas: Privilege Denying Dude Edition

This week, on a very special episode of Grey Areas, we’ll be talking about Privilege Denying Dude! Again! Because if there is anything we at Tiger Beatdown like to do, it is run things right into the ground! I spent quite a great deal of time writing about PDD last week. Initially, I had concerns. […]

Tiger Beatdown Weekly Miscellany

Here are a few things that crossed our collective radars recently. Some of them are fairly new, some of them are old (SO OLD, SO VERY, VERY OLD.) Yesterday was Transgender Day of Remembrance. C.L., writing for Feministe: “So I will Remember today. I will remember because that body lying somewhere unmourned could be me. Because […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Sexist Patdown Edition

Well, hey there! Guess what exciting new oh-Lord-not-my-vagina type issues emerged RIGHT THE HELL AFTER I took a plane out to the Ohio? Splendid. So the news, for those of our readers who have been trapped inside of a well for the past week or so, and have only just emerged thanks to the help […]