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Monthly Archives: January 2010

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Oh I Couldn’t Possibly Tell You Which Edition It Is, I Am Just A Girl Edition

Ladies! How are you feeling lately? Hopefully, the answer is “TERRIBLE.” For, ladies, I cannot have a conversation with you unless we focus on your many physical and personal failings! I am a lady too, you see, and that is how we roll. Have I mentioned that my hair looks like something DIED IN IT […]

META-POST: Things I Don’t Blog About Weekly

UPDATE: Okay, first of all, I want to say thank you for all the comments and e-mails – WHOA, that is a lot of e-mails! More than any other post, even! – which have been very sweet and kind. Second, I know this post is like, destined to be the first thing they read in […]

Girl Culture and the Race to the Bottom: About that Rant About Women

So, that Clay Shirky piece about how ladies don’t self-promote so much! Perhaps you have heard about it? Because I sure have. I have, in fact, been writing around that very piece for a while now, trying to explain how I feel about it. Because Lord knows no conversation is complete until we have all […]

The Secret Lives of Married Men — Now With Bingo Cards

I have not, temporally speaking, been doing this here ladybusiness for all that long. (Some would draw a facetious comparison, in fact, to the amount of time I have in fact been a lady, but as that number would vary between never and 37 years depending on whether you asked Germaine Greer or Kate Bornstein, […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: You Darn (Feminist) Kids Keep It Down Over There Edition

You know what I really enjoy? When some lady decides to write a book about What Is Wrong With Feminism Today! This lady, typically, is the One True Feminist, and has the weighty responsibility of talking down to all us heathens; typically she wants us to stop taking our clothes off, or start taking our […]

A Purloined Girlhood, Part 1a: Wild At Heart

I saw “Where the Wild Things Are” this weekend, ducks. (One of the advantages of living in the Great American Metropolis is that movies tend to hang around a surprising length of time.) I saw it because of Spike Jonze, and because I am just old enough to have grown up in the Golden Age […]

Reasons I Laughed Out Loud, Offending Several Fellow Patrons, During The Major Motion Picture “Avatar.”

#1. Laphraoig. I had some. #2. “But its very name implies that it will be difficult, nay, impossible, to obtain!” Even if you know that the rich vein of MacGuffin ore located in the planet is called “unobtainium” – which, yeah, not Cameron’s word, it’s a long-standing nerd joke, whatever – the first time Giovanni […]


Notorious rapist climbs stage, is met with applause and loving jokes about how he could beat folks up (for example, prior to and/or while raping them). Movie featuring¬† notorious rapist, which is about the hilarity of roofies, hating women who don’t and/or do have sex, and Zach Galifianakis maybe being a registered sex offender (HA! […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Midnight Train to Gropetown Edition

Ah, Gropetown. Once a mere settlement at the border of Sexual Assault City and the Rape Culture territories, it is now a thriving tourist destination, populated by thousands of happy citizens! Thousands of happy citizens who want to grab your ass for no reason while you’re on your way home, that is. My incomparable colleague […]

Fame: A Romance, with Flung Tampons

[EDIT: I’m taking this down, because people started to play guessing games as to the identity of the person I wrote about, and in some (deleted!) comments, they got it right. I know, I know: barn door = closing, cattle = out, etc. All I can say is that I forget how many people read […]