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The Wonderful World of Sady Doyle

Sady Doyle started Tiger Beatdown in September 2008, because she was bored, and also for some reason no-one wanted to publish her various long-winded ramblings on gender. Since then, she has conned various sectors of the Internet into publishing all sorts of various long-winded ramblings on gender, and has also gotten them into newspapers and/or magazines! And then some magazines hired her, specifically the Rookie and the In These Times. Her name is right near Kurt Vonnegut’s, on the In These Times masthead, which means his vengeful ghost has an 89% chance of visiting her if her column is bad. His vengeful ghost would be elderly and charming! And really into Mark Twain! So good luck to her on that!

Here are some places that you might have seen Sady Doyle on the Internet and/or in your magazine:

Furthermore, against the advice of those who know and care about her, Sady Doyle has appeared and/or spoken numerous times in public! She was on a panel on “Debunking the Virginity Ideal” at Harvard’s “Rethinking Virginity” conference, and was part of a panel on “snark” (BUT WHY?) at 2010’s Netroots Nation conference. She accidentally talked smackola about a TV show that the lady next to her started, whilst on that panel, so you should definitely put her on yours! “Remember when that one thing was crap?” She’ll say. “I am the owner of,” you’ll say. AND THEN THE BLOG COVERAGE. She is also going to be part of a panel on “Internet Drama and Activism” at SXSW this year, for no reason that she can discern.

Sady has also given readings and interviews and has spoken at colleges that were way too prestigious for her to get into (sorry, Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton, Wellesley is Sady’s now) and suchlike. Sady is very happy to speak to your college, or assembled group of feminism-likers, or Sunday School class, especially if you would like to pay her. Sady very much enjoys being paid.

Other inadvisable things Sady has done include: Having a Twitter account, which you can follow here. If you would like to hire Sady, profess admiration for Sady, ask Sady questions, and/or send Sady your various lyric poems about reading the Internet, you can reach her at