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Monthly Archives: October 2008

And the Lord Said: Thou Shalt Not Meet Thine Dates on the Facebook…

… nor shalt thou convene with them in the bars, nor in their apartments, nor go unto them on All Hallow’s Eve and eat of the roast chicken prepared there. (Guess what I’m doing tonight? PARTY.)  This is a pretty obscure commandment, actually, but Melissa McEwan points out that at least one Hell House is […]

OMG my BFF Aaron P. Taylor!

You know: Aaron P. Taylor, who did not rape you (although he totally could have, and he thinks you deserved it), is a very sensitive guy. Aaron P. Taylor is an artist who did not rape you; an iconoclast who did not rape you; a thinker of thoughts about raping you (OR NOT), which he […]

Yes, It Is a Golden Cow

A golden cow with dude parts:  They are praying to save the economy! WHAT COULD GO WRONG.  

Can You "Spot" the Unnecessary "Quotation" Marks?

You know, when a woman of my persuasion sees that the New York Times has published an obituary for Gerard Damiano, the director of Deep Throat, she really only has two options: to accept that the New York Times will not report Linda Lovelace’s claims that she was beaten, raped, and coerced with threats of […]

Yet Another Reason to Envy Columbia Students

Roy Den Hollander, the man who exists solely to confirm your darkest fears about men who look like Roy Den Hollander, has filed suit against Columbia for having a Women’s Studies program. Here, he explains: “To me, Columbia is a bastion of feminism, a boot camp for turning out feminist stormtroopers who pervert the constitutional […]

Aaron P. Taylor Did Not Rape You. He Deserves a Cookie!

Yes, it’s true: if you are reading this, Aaron P. Taylor of UnCommoN SENSE (“a Blog on Deciphering the Enigma that is Life”) probably did not rape you. (If he did: my apologies. You can put away the baking sheet now.) In fact, Aaron P. Taylor cares so much about rape, and your safety from […]

I Want to Fondle Your Beautiful Mind

I’ve been trying to speak with people lately about genius and gender. Not surprisingly, no-one is taking the bait! This is why one starts a blog – because the issue of whether women can be imagined or understood as “geniuses” is a tricky one. I can’t quite figure it out. Not long ago, I read […]

There Was… a Man…

So, I thought I was going to miss the Mad Men finale, and then it turns out that you can find it online! Ha ha, no, this is from Saturday Night Live, and I am a dork for posting it. I can, however, confirm that Steps #1 and #2 will actually work on a real […]

Eh, It’s Been Done.

I know that last post was pretentious as all fuck, and a bit heavy on the hipster-hate, and I know that hipster-hating is played out and pointless, but seriously:  If the truth must be told, he was a little bit frightened of middle and lower class humanity, and of foreigners not of his own class. […]

Del Martin Will Have Her Revenge on California

Do you remember Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon? The really unbelievably adorable old lady activists who founded the Daughters of Bilitis? They got married in California in 2004, and then their marriage was voided, but last June they got married – again – almost instantly after the Supreme Court overturned the ban on same sex […]