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Flavia Dzodan

Flavia is a marketeer (and she sees no shame in it!) and media analyst with a penchant for pop culture and endless discussions on the merits of TV shows and bad advertising practices. She is half Hispanic, half Eastern European and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by way of her home town of Buenos Aires (where she was born and raised). By now, she considers herself a truly adopted Amsterdammer capable of cursing in three languages, after living there for almost a decade and a half.

She fancies herself an “ideas instigator” and writes mostly about politics, race and feminism with the occasional pop culture inspired rant added for good measure, from her very mixed perspective of place of birth, culture and education in the Global South and current European residence.

She runs a personal blog, Red Light Politics and contributes to Persephone Magazine. Or perhaps you have read her at The Guardian’s CiF. She can also be found throwing her two centavos on Twitter and Facebook as well. She can be contacted at flavia at redlightpolitics dot info or at the contact form in her blog.